Key royals puzzle onlookers

Observers of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in London have been puzzled by the obviously downbeat expressions of key members of the royal family during the current long weekend of official events marking the historic milestone.

The Bug’s royal correspondent, Tristan Coyte-Rimmer, said from the UK capital that despite the joyous nature of the anniversary Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George had appeared “looking rather glum”.

“This was especially obvious when the line-up of working royals was on the Buckingham Palace balcony,” he  said. (main picture)

“I asked around my fellow royal correspondents and none of us can come up with an explanation.”


New federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has already demonstrated the new style of politics he promised when unanimously elected as Liberal Party leader earlier this week.

Political observers said Mr Dutton had shown he was prepared to soften his approach to help change his “political hard man” image.

“When saddling the new federal government with full responsibility for the current energy pricing crisis despite being in office for just a matters days, Mr Dutton has lambasted ‘Mr Albanese’s government’,” one commentator said.

“In the old days he would have said ‘the Albanese government’. So it’s a major shift in his political style.”


Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz (pictured) says he is at a loss to explain the Biden administration’s slow response to the recent string of mass shootings in the US.

“Just overnight and within days of the shocking elementary school shooting in my own home state we’ve seen four people shot to death at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” Senator Cruz said.

“Yet again we’ve seen a mass shooting caused by the fact that the Tulsa hospital has more than one door.

“When will President Biden act to stop this insanity. The Tulsa hospital should have had just one door and it should have been kept locked.

“I don’t know how the President sleeps at night with so much blood on his hands,” the Senator said.