Journalism makes a killing

The South Australian legal system is likely to be disbanded after an historic ruling by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in recent days.

Magistrates Court precincts throughout the state will be converted to affordable housing while the future public use of district and supreme court buildings and their environs is still to be decided although some are expected to become libraries and others pubic car parks.

All this follows an ABC report by some breathless young thing some days ago that a man, 41, had been found murdered on the Eyre Peninsula.

The murdered man had been travelling with another man before he was murdered.

That man has since been charged with murdering the murdered man.

Okay, we’re now carrying on like a pork chop but we hope you get the point we’re trying to make.

The ABC has yet to pronounce sentence on the murderer who murdered his murdered travelling companion but a life term is mandatory for murder in most states.


Talking of the ABC, will our public broadcaster ever live down this latest display of rightwing bias?

A regional ABC radio reporter just yesterday, while talking on the latest research available, expressed the hope that the coalition population across New South Wales could be doubled. She quickly corrected herself and said “koala” but the damage had been done.

The MGH is not saying instant dismissal is the answer but surely some serious counselling is required for this reporter?