Twitter: the brave fight continues!

The Bug‘s Media Glass House rarely bangs on about the same topic more than once … okay, twice at most (insert prolonged and loud canned laughter here) but we’re compelled to revisit a recent article by The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Jacqueline Maley.

The general theme of the politics scribe’s piece last weekend was that with Labor now in power Australia would be best served by having a good strong stable Opposition and that meant giving Peter Dutton “a fair go”.

She took an almighty swipe at the left’s lazy use of Twitter to denigrate Dutton by painting him as a bogeyman.

All the MGH can say to that is: Twitter keyboard warriors, the battle has just begun!

If the MSM is now going to do its best to reshape Dutton’s image as a kinder, fluffier, nicer person as they do the Right thing by Australia and make this a one-term Labor government, you are absolutely entitled to remind Australians of every shitty, brutal, offensive, narrow-focussed, hard-far-right thing Lord Volde… sorry… Dutton has ever done in his political career.

Would it be good to have a strong, united Opposition in Australian politics? Of course. But Dutton has to earn respect by proving he has changed. It’s not journalism’s job to aid and abet that character makeover.

Dutton’s got a long way to go if he’s going to argue he doesn’t need to change and that with time Australians will get to know him better and see the entire electable package that he is but then immediately slam Labor’s decision to let the Biloela Four home.

You can only imagine how Newscorpse, the Nine mastheads and the shock jocks would have gleefully ripped apart the contradictions clearly evident in all of that were Albanese the Opposition Leader.

So in summary then: Twitter, your job has really only just begun!

You are totally entitled to react violently if Dutton tries to argue that the only reason he walked out of the Apology was that he considered not enough had been done to make our first nations people aware of the need for quality footwear if they go walkabout down Pinkenbah way.

You are not always going to be fair and balanced in your observations but you’ll have no reason whatsoever to be embarrassed by any comparison with the shameful, dodgy, biased mainstream media Australia is currently blighted with.