Dutton reveals his true self

Would-be Liberal Party federal leader Peter Dutton has opened up about his private life in a bid to change negative public perceptions about his “political hard man” image.

The former senior Morrison Government minister invited media representatives to his house north of Brisbane to show them some of his previously publicly unknown pastimes.

“Whenever I fly back home from Canberra I like nothing better than to unwind by spending hours indulging in my passion for ikebana – the Japanese art of flower arranging,” he said. (below)

“In Canberra or if I’m on the road I always carry a bag of my crocheting gear. I’ve run up many a quilt over the years.

“Whenever I’m at home and start to feel a little tense I duck out to the local community centre and spend a few hours losing myself in interpretive dance.” (below)

Mr Dutton said he could not understand how he came to be labelled as a far right-winger on the political spectrum.

“I’ve actually always been a bit of a lefty and in my early years I was actually a hippie. (main picture)

“In my teenage years and before joining the Queensland Police Service I actually lived on a commune in the hills behind Nimbin. I don’t remember much about it because I was always high.”

Mr Dutton said after becoming a police officer in Brisbane he spent much of his time both on and off duty liaising with local Aboriginal youth.

“In particular I and a few other colleagues liked to load up a couple of patrol cars with young indigenous kids and help them learn orienteering skills,” he said.


Lord Downer of Adelaide Hill (below) was reported to be resting comfortably this morning in the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne after collapsing shortly after his live appearance on ABC TV’s Q&A program last night.

An ABC source said His Lordship took ill and fell into a deep swoon and was rushed to hospital by ambulance shortly after his appearance as part of the Q&A panel answering audience and viewer questions about the outcome of Saturday’s federal election.

A spokesperson for the Alfred Hospital said Lord Downer was quickly diagnosed with a serious case of sophistry, was immediately admitted for intensive treatment, and was not expected to be released for at least a week.


Defeated FEDERAL Liberal MP Tim Wilson has suffered the second serious setback in a week after losing his Melbourne seat of Goldstein to an independent candidate at last Saturday’s election.

Mr Wilson’s inner-city house was last night seriously damaged by a fire which broke out in the former MPs living room.

A Melbourne Fire Brigade spokesperson said investigations were ongoing but refused to confirm that the blaze was started by Mr Wilson himself who was burning books in his living room.

When contacted Mr Wilson admitted he was burning books but explained they were copies of his own work The New Social Contract which was promoted as “a powerful proposal for restoring liberalism’s appeal to Australian voters” at its 2020 release.

He refused to comment further.