Soak it up, sooks!


Australia’s largely right-wing mainstream media is having trouble accepting the result of last Saturday’s federal election.

With the Australian Labor Party on the cusp of picking up the final seat needed to take it to an outright majority, many in the MSM have been pointing to Labor’s low primary vote and appear to be demanding that someone, somewhere, somehow explain why Anthony Albanese is now prime minister and their beloved Scott Morrison is now just the member for Cook.

“Why was Albanese allowed to take Scottie’s plane to Japan?” is The Bug‘s way of paraphrasing their collective anger and their pain earlier this week.

And to be fair, have they got a point?

Of course not.

As this issue of The Bug is due to go online, the Australian Electoral Commission tallyoom shows that Labor has garnered 32.78 per cent of the primary vote, compared with 36.12 for the Morrison government.

So, how the bloody hell has Labor won with a primary vote below the 33.34 per cent they lost with in 2019, those in the MSM are sobbing into their cups.

We at The Bug can’t be bothered trying to explain to the bulk of the MSM the compulsory voting system employed in federal elections nor point to the 11.73 per cent primary vote of The Greens. It’s largely why Labor leads two-party preferred 51.90 to 48.10.

And, sure, the last Newspoll of the election was way out in putting Labor’s primary vote at 36 per cent. It would have indeed been a Labor landslide if that had proved correct.

And we won’t also try to explain to those right-wingers in the MSM that Newspoll isn’t particularly wringing its hands over getting the Labor vote so wrong or why it hasn’t sacked its chief numbers cruncher, Al Gorithm.

Most reasonable people – and that counts out most of the MSM – suspect that the main plausible reason for the lower Labor primary vote is that many of the party’s supporters at the death voted strategically in many Liberal seats being contested by Teal candidates.

We could explain a lot of these things to many in the MSM but they probably won’t listen.

Instead, they are all hoping and dreaming that they’ll soon wake up to find out the past seven days have all been a cruel nightmare and their darling Scottie is still providing good, strong, stable, ethical Liberal government as is the natural order of things in Australia and in the way the good Lord above has always expected his flock Down Under to behave.