Thanks, MSM for the role you’ve played!

Could I please, one final time, laud the mainstream media for the mighty role they’ve played – almost to a man and woman – in achieving the Scott-Morrison-free Sunday we are now so very much enjoying.

For one thing is certain: Labor’s win has only been possible through the absolute bullshit they all spread relentlessly these past, long, painful, three years, namely that Smoko Morrison was possibly the most brilliant marketer/campaigner the entire world of politics has ever known!

And don’t get me started on oft-repeated, almost universal MSM “fact” that Barnaby Joyce is history’s greatest retail politician when in fact he is a loudmouth buffoon who must take a big share of the blame for the Coalition’s train wreck.

So to the MSM I simply say: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I could try to name them all; on second thoughts it’d take far less time to list the few decent scribes who saw their oft-repeated claims for the putrid logs of crap they were.

It’s amazing how clearly so few in the MSM could see things because their legs weren’t dangling out of the arses of Rupert Murdoch, Peter Costello and Kerry Stokes or their editorial henchmen and women.

Morrison, of course, never was and never has been a good marketer/campaigner. Not in the 2019 campaign. Not in this one either. But all those “journos” in the mainstream stroked his turnbullesque ego to the point where he thought all he had to do was repeat the template he used in 2019 for a second miracle win, courtesy of his own money-hungry version of a magic sky daddy.

“Oh, what a genius!” the bulk of the MSM cried when arguably the most brilliant marketer/campaigner the entire world of politics has ever known selected a long six-week campaign to do the unknown and weak Anthony Albanese slowly, Paul Keating style.

Six weeks for the PM to throw personal insults at Albanese while pretending to be anybody else but Scott Morrison, tackling all sorts of roles and a young soccer player. And in between those endless, mindless photo-ops, to simply push back on his lardarse and let a complaint MSM tackle Labor, its policies and its costings and the fat cunt’s $100 million ad spend do their magic once again.

So one final time. To the MSM….


Although the MSM has done its very best over the past three years – and especially the last six weeks – to make me ashamed of the craft of journalism I followed for a half-century, they did so much to help rid Oz of a lying, loathsome, lazy, policy lightweight lardarse faux leader.

Don Gordon-Brown

AT TOP: A montage of the amazing Scott Morrison/Benny Hill memes that the wonderful Patricia Barraclough created over the term of the Morrison prime moronship.