Farewell to the Liar from the Shire!

In the end, it was the lying that done it.

It simply had to be the lying.

It could have been the laziness. Or the lack of intelligence. Or the lack of empathy.

No, it’s the lying that is bringing Scott Morrison undone today.

Australia simply got sick of his lying.

There was the lying that we knew was going on but we couldn’t quite prove it although we knew it was as close to 100 per cent true that you could stake your life on it.

Like the lie that no-one told him for two years about the alleged rape that took place not far from his parliamentary office just before the 2019 election.

Or that he was unaware for a long time of the coloured spread sheets that his staff had spread all over his office as they directed Bridget McKenzie to rort sports grants.

Are there any worse offences that a country’s leader could commit than to cover up an alleged sexual assault of a young woman? Or the criminal dismantling of a grants approval process where the hard work of community groups in preparing their worthwhile submissions is tossed aside for corrupt pork-barreling and disgusting self-interest instead?

Then there was the lying that was easy to prove.

The Morrison lie that he had never bagged electric vehicles. And if Labor claimed he had, then they were the ones who were lying.

The lie that he had never tried to get his mate Brian Houston invited to a White House soiree.

In more recent times, the lie that he wasn’t fiddling on his mobile phone at that Darwin Anzac Day service. And even if he had been, the lie that the service had finished anyway.

For many voters in this election, it’s the simple-to-show lying that’s done Morrison in today.

They don’t take enough interest in politics to be aware of the stench of corruption that accompanies the Morrison government and too many of his ministers. Or how lazy and incompetent they have been.

They don’t understand how this man operates as a rightwing ideologue. The systematic gutting of the public service and the outsourcing of its functions to privateer mates. The endless vilification of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on behalf of his mate in New York. The personal slurs directed at anyone who threatens his God-given right to power. His assumption that public money is Liberal Party money with which to promote himself and tarnish opponents. His ingrained dislike of working-class people and the unions that look after their interests.

These are things that might be above many voters’ interest or comprehension levels but they know a liar when they see one. And they know their country’s leader should at least try to be honest and put their interests above their own.

At the very least, they’ve worked out that Morrison is a fibber at heart. That telling porkies is in his DNA. He’d rather lie than tell the truth. And that it’s a “gift” he’s most likely had since he was a kid.

And while it’s taken a while, over the past two weeks and especially today, they are now calling him out on it.

Don Gordon-Brown