Sky stays mum on protest

Sky News is remaining tight-lipped about an on-air incident that marred last night’s episode of one of its “after dark” Liberal Party advertorials.

During the Credlin program fronted by former Liberal Party operative, Peta Credlin, an unidentified woman, believed to be a Sky News researcher, walked onto the set and held up a protest sign. (main picture)

Security guards swiftly removed the woman and Ms Credlin was left to resume her recitation of Liberal Party how-to-vote cards in all 151 House of Representatives seats in alphabetical order.

A Sky News spokesperson would not comment on the incident but told The Bug we should vote Liberal on Saturday.


News Crap Australia’s Sydney turdbloid The Daily Telegraph says it stands by a controversial “special investigation” by its federal political editor James Morrow into the leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt.

Mr Morrow’s lengthy article published today claimed to “expose” Mr Bandt’s  “secret” past as a pop singer in the late 1970s and early 1980s. (pictured)

Mr Morrow’s article also “exclusively” reported that Mr Bandt’s real name was Stuart Goddard, and “revealed” that he had been lying about his age and was actually 67 not 50.

“We stand by James Morrow’s story,” a News Crap Australia spokesperson said. “Especially because it was actually one of his better researched efforts.

“In fact we reckon it’ll take out the top gong at the 2022 in-house News Awards later this year.”


The Liberal Party has taken delivery of extra John Howard robots as it battles to hold several key seats in inner-city areas in Sydney and Melbourne.

At least six of the life-size mechanical Howards (pictured) are expected to join several already placed strategically across the nation in key Coalition seats at risk.

A Liberal Party source said the extra robots would be rushed to seats such as Kooyong in Melbourne and Wentworth in Sydney to campaign 24 hours a day between now and the close of polls at 6pm on Saturday.

“The animatronic Howards are a real boost to the local campaigns because they allow the former PM to be in many places at once and for lengthy periods,” the source said.

“The only problem is that the robots speak only in Chinese because they are made in a Shenzhen factory owned by the People’s Liberation Army Navy and they constantly screech a high-pitched warning to other ships telling them to get out of the South China Sea and the Pacific.

“But given the polls, at this stage that’s the least of our problems.”