Cyclone Tracy batters PM…

… well, she tried at least!

You’ve got to at least give Channel 9’s Tracy Grimshaw points for trying.

Every expression on the A Current Affair anchor’s face showed during her extended interview with Scott Morrison last night that she thinks the PM is more bullshitter and dozer than bulldozer.

And she spent a fair amount of last night’s program trying to get that point across… repeatedly.

To paraphrase her argument: if you keep telling us how bloody good you’ve been as PM, why do you think you have to change?

It was a courageous effort on Grimshaw’s part to expose Morrison’s promise to change for what it was: a nonsense piece of panicking marketing from the Liar from the Shire that no voter in Australia in their right mind is going to believe will happen if the PM is blessed with a second “miracle” election win.

Or to paraphrase my own thoughts there: if you thought Morrison was an obnoxious, lazy, lying cunt during this term as PM, wait to see how he acts if another “miracle” sees him reelected.

The MGH particularly applauds Grimshaw for this telling question half-way through the interview: “You said at your launch on Sunday ‘I saved the country’. You don’t hold a hose, you weren’t in your tinnie plucking people off rooftops, you weren’t doing 16-hour days in PPE in Covid wards, you didn’t get enough vaccines soon enough, you didn’t get enough RATs so we could finally have a holiday interstate for Christmas and China has set up a base in the Solomons. Do you think maybe you slightly over-egged the part about ‘I saved the country’?”

Slightly over-egged! Brilliant. Who said the massive understatement was lost as a telling literary or verbal device!

What a lovely putdown of a bloke who wanted to “let it rip” from the get-go and watch a Sharkies match instead; who had to be dragged screaming and kicking to implement jobseeker/keeper schemes that the ACTU and Labor called for; who declared the vaccine rollout was not a race; who couldn’t give a RATs. Some fucking bulldozer!

Morrison looked every bit the stunned mullet for a few seconds before looking appropriately hurt, inferring Grimshaw clearly would have had to work hard to cobble together all those points which were terribly unfair and unkind given his almost Churchillian leadership over recent years, before lapsing into his usual talking points for the next few minutes.

But the point had been made by Grimshaw and I’ll happily repeat it. Over the past three years, the self-proclaimed bulldozer has been more a bullshitter and dozer and the LNP’s languishing primary vote across the polls is proof of that.

Don Gordon-Brown