He doesn’t even pretend ….

…to be honest any more!

MEMO: Community groups across Australia.

If you read that some Federal Government funding might be available for a worthwhile project in your patch and are thinking about spending time, effort and money into preparing a submission that you hope will be judged by a panel of fair and knowledgeable experts who will rate it on its merits, then….


Especially if Scott Morrison is re-elected.

Last night on the ABC’s 7.30 lecture, Morrison gave pork-barreling the big two-thumbs up. He dumped on critics of his most infamous if not most expensive porkbarreling rort from before the 2019 poll – the $100 million sports-rorts scandal.

Showing he definitely won’t be changing anything about himself until after the election, Morrison also dumped big time on the National Audit Office which was scathing in its assessment of the scheme, declaring that 47 per cent of applications approved were ineligible.

Morrison also refused to mention by name one of Australia’s finest constitutional lawyers who believes the way the Sports grants scheme was rorted was most likely criminal. What the fuck would she know, eh?

Anyway, by its very definition, isn’t all porkbarreling corrupt and criminal?

All this is rather academic now that Morrison has clearly shown that he is not remotely interested in taxpayers’ money being spent properly.

He declared last night that his local LNP members are the best people to evaluate local projects rather than Canberra bureaucrats. They are, after all, there on the ground and they know best. Especially when they are in LNP seats and who might be the only ones told of some rather hush-hush grant possibilities in the first place.

And if they get things wrong, the relevant government minister will always be there to have the final say, armed with some spreadsheets and textas. Right, Bridget?

And that’s the way it should be. If ministers can’t freely used their discretionary powers to get things as Right as possible, where would be the fun in being in government in the first place?

Don Gordon-Brown

Above image courtesy of #Mate #AlboForPM @SuxHypocrisy