Crossing the editorial line, as usual

As usual in any Australia election campaign, state or federal, there has been an extraordinary number of supposed news reporting that really crosses the line into editorialising.

As usual News Crap Australia seems to have been the worst offender. Well, let’s face it, it is always the worst offender.

Take for instance this story (below) run in various News Crap Australia metro turdbloids about Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s backing for a rise in the minimum wage at least matching the inflation rate to ensure the spending power of the nation’s lowest paid workers doesn’t go backwards.

The story cited business leaders and economists querying the wisdom of Albanese’s position.

But the headlines all made a clear statement of fact that the Labor leader’s position would be “costly” to the economy, or that his efforts to ensure a better deal for the lowly paid had “flopped”.

But they all appeared minus the quotation marks, naturally.

At least one News Crap Australia turdbloid, The Mercury in Hobart, did the right thing. (below)

Even though it still ran the blatantly anti-Labor story it managed to make clear to readers that the claim of Albanese’s commitment might be “costly” at least appeared within quotation marks signifying that the claim was an opinion, not a fact, and that it belonged to someone cited within the story.


It’s as if all News Crap Australia keyboards are missing keys for quotation marks.

Take a look below at another prime example of editorialising in supposed news stories that ran in various forms in numerous News Crap Australia papers.

The story was largely an attack on the so-called teal independents. Why? Basically for having the temerity not to reply to a list of questions sent to them by News Crap Australia about their policy positions.

This, the headline told readers, was “arrogant”. Again, minus the quotation marks, so their supposed arrogance was presented as a fact.

If you think that perhaps the headline was written by someone else who did the reporter John Rolfe a disservice, then think again.

Mr Rolfe’s opening paragraph baldly states that the would-be MPs had all “arrogantly refused to detail where they stand” on a range of issues.


It’s amazing how often Rupert Murdoch and others in the News Crap empire parrot the bullshit that all of the media conglomerate’s editors have their own minds and arrive at their own editorial positions independently.

So how’s this for independence. (below)

It’s the editorials from yesterday’s Sunday metro turdbloids across Australia – the last weekly editions before Saturday’s federal election.

Isn’t it marvellous how all the editors arrived at the same conclusion that Anthony Albanese is a risky choice for PM, that it’s a big gamble to put Labor into office, and that we shouldn’t change PMs at this crucial time in our nation’s history.

Our MGH researchers are betting that the editorials in next Saturday’s Murdoch papers will also be singing in one hysterical voice against a Labor government.

Totally by coincidence of course.