Addicted to mild naughtiness!

Given The Bug‘s penchant for undergraduate humour – and especially when the word ‘dick’ is used – this week’s Tweet of the Week winner was a laid down misere, really.

So it’s congratulations to Madre Swift Justice – Cave Dweller @JayStill 4 for this effort (above and below).

Richard Wright @RichardKGrump also had a ballot box theme with this contribution.

Okay, let’s get back to the main election news of the week, namely that Smoko Morrison, the man who declared five weeks ago that people knew who he was and what he stood for, suddenly announced he would change if Australia reelected him.

Cue Robyn @robynbryant 33 who summed up Smoko’s conditional transformation brilliantly.

As did LubiePhilrunfreeFionn @lubiephil.

And you don’t really need to know much about Brisbane to appreciate this take from Montague St Bridge @MontagueStBridg….

During the week, Barnaby Joyce spent quality time at the National Press Club convincing the undecided voters out there of the need for a change of government. Russell Drysdale #IstandWithAlboAndLaborPar… @Russputi.. obviously took a bullet for the rest of us by watching the televised event.

Another big event of the week was when Defence Miniser Peter Dutton called for World War 3 after a Chinese spy ship was seen doing nothing illegal off the Western Australian coast.

Daily Telegraph Fan Club @DailyTelegraph0 and Kermie @Nettythe1st had similar thoughts….

Felicity Reynolds @FlickReynolds worked into that event the Port of Darwin.

Look, let’s just now run with some general anti-Smoko diatribes seeing election day is nigh, and we think no-one has summed up this six-week-long painful affair better than Bee 5th Estate Citizen @BelindaJone…

Others with character references for the man who’s got five or so days as PM were Edward Kerslake @Edward546518951, Dead Parrot Society @MyFirstCousin and Captain Nemo’s Left Sock etc @RuncibleH…

Knit1Purl1 @Rikrattweets provided much food for thought.

And let’s finish off with Mark Jacka @themarkjacka who sums up the hopes of a solid majority of Australians with this short, sharp and pity observation…