Mass media cleanout begins!


Senior editorial staff at News Corp Australia mastheads around the nation have begun cleaning out their desks after Lachlan Murdoch belatedly discovered they were not following his edict to be “fair, balanced and professional” in their coverage of the 2022 federal election.

Among those to be escorted off premises overnight was The Courier-Mail editor Chris Jones (above) who had stayed back at the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch yesterday to help his colleagues put out the sister masthead, The Sunday Mail, and to make sure the paper’s final message to voters was as right as possible.

The Bug understands Mr Murdoch, who is increasingly taking over the reins of News International from his father Rupert, has been busy in Beijing arranging a $100 million loan from the Bank of China and shoring up business deals with senior members of President Xi Jingping’s People’s Republic of China and had been unaware of the widespread and flagrant disregard for his edict for fairness and balance during the election campaign.

He was reportedly livid when shown recent front pages of various News Corp Australia mastheads including those two in Brisbane and the Daily Telegraph in Sydney and the Herald-Sun in Melbourne and their Sunday editions.

The Bug has spoken to the journalist who still works in general reporting at Bowen Hills and who overheard the conversation between Murdoch and Jones.

“Mr Murdoch was shouting so loud that even our paper’s remaining sub-editor heard the ruckus from his booth further back in the building,” the scribe said, asking not to be named.

“Dead-set, his language would have made a bullocky blush.”

“Poor Chris Jones barely had time to put pictures of his family and Scott Morrison in a tomato box before security appeared out of nowhere and man-handled him off the building.”

Senior writers across the News Corp Australia network have also been given their marching orders, with James Campbell roughly escorted from the Liberal Party’s headquarters in Emirates House, Collins Street, Melbourne, from where he has been filing stories over recent times.