Fran tampas with political reality

“Clare, is this Scott Morrison’s Tampa moment?” a hopeful Fran Kelly asks the Daily Telegraph’s Clare Armstrong during Friday’s Afternoon Briefing on ABC TV.

Before we provide the answer, let’s set the scene for the question in the first place.

A Chinese spy ship has been spotted off the West Australian coast doing nothing illegal yet earlier in the day Peter Dutton (pictured below) desperately tried to reignite the khaki war the Coalition desperately needs to not lose the election by as much as they’re going to. A provocative act, Dutton shouted.

As we go to upload, the surveillance vessel might be making its way to the port China owns in Darwin. Who knows.

But back to Fran. The ABC veteran has clearly had access to RAN surveillance footage no-one else has seen: hundreds of boat people huddled on the ship’s deck, the perfect opportunity for Scott Morrison to torpedo the ship, metaphorically speaking, while puffing out his chest and declaring with a squeaky voice: “Ah.. ah..ah .. I’ll determine who comes to this country and ah..ah…ah..the manner in which they come!”

So we get to the point where Fran says to her panel of journo experts: “Sometimes things intervene in an election campaign. Sometimes things help you; sometimes things don’t, like an interest rate rise.”

The image above is taken from when Fran is saying this. Have a look at Amy Remeikis’s face: do you think she had an inkling as to what was coming?

And here it is, one more time!

Fran Kelly: “Clare, is this Scott Morrison’s Tampa moment?”

The MGH sincerely hopes a moment comes after the election when ABC management politely steers Ms Kelly away from politics reporting. Let her see out her career not making a fucking absolute fool of herself. Given Fran’s interest in the area, does Aunty still have a shipping news reporter?


Our MGH researchers seem to recall that when News Crap Australia shut dozens of its regional newspapers a few years back it promised to incorporate coverage of local issues into its surviving metro or provincial turdbloids.

A check of today’s edition of The Courier-Mail in Brisbane shows how well that is working.

The page below is branded as a “regional round-up” and its banner contains the logos of numerous now deceased News Crap Australia hard-copy papers such as the Gladstone Observer, Fraser Coast Chronicle, the Daily Mercury in Mackay, the Queensland Times in Ipswich, and The News-Mail in Bundaberg.

The coverage of regional issues consists entirely of a half-page containing two court stories from the Sunshine Coast.

They couldn’t even been bothered sacrificng an in-house ad to run more regional stories.

So much for Rupert’s promises. But then, what did we expect?


Just for the record our MGH teams would like to note that News Crap Australia columnist Vicki Campion’s syndicated column appearing today has continued her unbroken streak of lambasting the Labor Party and anyone else daring to stand against the Liberal or National parties in the current federal campaign. (below)

This time it was Labor’s climate change policy that copped a bagging.

Our researchers are taking bets on whether her final campaign column next Saturday will be an exhaustive listing of Coalition how-to-vote cards in all 151 lower house seats and for the Senate, or maybe an exclusive one-on-top-of-one interview with Barnaby Joyce.