A shitsheet, not a broadsheet

Ever wondered why The Bug‘s Media Glass House always calls The Australian a broadshit and not a broadsheet newspaper?

There’s no better example for why we do that than the shitpaper’s online pointer (above) to its latest Newspoll results.

If Scott Morrison held his ground in that survey, we’d hate – sorry, on second thoughts, make that love – to see how his position would be described if the earth really fell away from underneath him.

Here are the facts that were of no interest at all to the sub-editor who wrote the heading shown above.

Labor extended its two-party preferred lead over the LNP to eight percentage points – 54 to 46 in the latest Newspoll.

The LNP’s primary vote fell one to 35; Labor’s went up one to 39 per cent.

Scott Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister shrunk to two – 44 to 42 per cent over Albanese – a six-point turnaround from the week before.

Morrison’s approval rating shrunk to a minus 14 rating, a 7 per cent turnaround. Albanese improved slightly but still registered minus 6.

Ipso facto, rectum correctus: over the past week, Morrison has done everything BUT hold his ground.

The MGH accepts that The Oz long ago stopped pretending to be a newspaper. A lie beats the truth any time, which probably explains its total support for Team Morrison.

But we’re still entitled to wonder who the sub-editor and the paper think they’re fooling with such an absurdly inaccurate reading of their own poll?

Do the right-wing political types, failed finance writers, bizoids and capitalist-wanna-bes who read this shit feel better about themselves and the election outcome if they read that Morrison has held his ground?

Or are they like under-endowered teenage boys, measuring their pumped-up cocks in centimetres instead of inches to make themselves feel a little bit more cock-sure about themselves?