A pregnant pause at Bunnings

We’ll get onto all the political fun and games in a sec but our Tweet of the Week judges couldn’t go past this observation (above and below) by James Mathison @jamesmathison on worrying news coming out of the United States.

Sadly, it looks like the Supreme Court of the United States (SCROTUM) is hellbent on pushing the US even further to the right and making it more unattractive as a place you’d want to visit, let alone be proud to call a sophisticated 21stC world ally. Chinese language lessons, anybody?

Now, back to the election. The Bug‘s tweet of the week barrel was flooded with wry observations of these dreadful “Gotcha!” moments our mainstream mediocre scribes seem obsessed in trying on to improve Labor’s chances while permanently damaging their reputations and adding to their CVs for further employment at Newscorpse.

Bee 5th Estate Citizen J… @BelindaJone.. had this nice little dig at Jonathan Kearsley who was beside himself with rage and indignation when Anthony Albanese wouldn’t play ball and parrot a six-point NDIS plan exactly as Jonathan wanted him to.

Jonathan Brown (JB), Kate @katea76 and Mizzah Spoiker! @PaulHenry524 came at this issue from different angles….

… as did Dead Parrot Society @MyFirstCousin , Simon Rosenberg @simon_rosenberg, Taubada @kiap1968 and Dam Buster of Preston @DamBusterPrest.

Meanwhile, Bethany Williams @BethanyinCBR used a news story on increased dog attacks on posties to remind us that real bullies still exist among us … well, until 21 May anyway.

The interest rate rise last week sent DAVE CITYWIDE CHAOS etc @DavidBe531.. scurrying to his keyboard…

…and it’s perhaps the effect that rate rise could have on the poll income that Hon. Dumb Blonde @thetopjob was thinking about when she tweeted this.

Julian Anrew @JulianAndrew63 reflected on the value of family…

… while Tony Martin @mrtonymartin referenced the looming federal ICAC under Labor and PoliticalBina @BinaPolitical gave some interview technique advice to the ABC’s Michael Rowland.

And to finish off, Chris (He/Him) @Chris8676838 had a nice little dig at another tyro reporter who last week felt an overpowering need to smear egg all over her face.