Utter gutter journalism

Don’t you just love the smell of desperation in the morning?

Mainstream media desperation, that is, as the federal election nears its final fortnight and this nation’s largely right-wing news organisations are becoming increasingly frustrated and angered by their inability to swing the poll Scott Morrison’s way.

This is going to be a short, sharp rant.

What I want to know is this: if the “journos” who worked at The Daily Telegraph aren’t convening a meeting at a suitable time today to condemn the paper’s splash today, then why the fuck not?!

Say or do nothing and, like that front page, Australians are entitled to take it as read that you’re all happy to be seen by the general public as nothing more than groveling LNP publicists.

Don Gordon-Brown

PS: The same goes for “journalists” at other Newscorpse rags (below). Does anyone out there in Bugland believe that the Dirty Digger’s rags will treat Morrison’s next gaffe or stumble – and he’s made many – with the same single-minded ferocity?