It’s like he’s writing them himself

The Labor Party recently released a policy aimed at boosting home ownership by having an Albanese government share a mortgage with first home buyers subject to a means test.

Based on schemes operating in Western Australia and Victoria, Labor’s plan would be open to single would-be homebuyers earning up to $90,000 before tax or a couple earning up to $120,000.

They could enter the housing market and then pay off their share of the mortgage while also buying out the government’s share as they are able to do so over the period of the loan.

Of course, right on cue, News Crap Australia automatically launched a full frontal attack on the policy. (below)

The attack was based on a provision in the policy that meant if anyone who signed up to the scheme later experienced a rise in their income that took them over the eligibility thresholds, they would need to make higher payments to start buying out the government’s share.

A perfectly sensible provision we thought given that entry to the scheme would be based on an income test.

In addition, any change in repayments would not kick in unless the higher income was sustained for at least two years. Just a minor detail missing from the News Crap stories.

As their various headlines show, the syndicated News Crap Australia story presented as fact that there was a huge fault in the Labor policy, but the claims of a “sting”, a “hitch”, or a “hidden trap” were not attributed to any housing expert, housing association, financial expert, or economist.

No, the attack on the policy based on the need for repayments to alter if incomes rise came from none other than Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

It’s as if he had turned up at Albo’s news conference and had written the story and editorials himself. (main picture)

We’re starting to think that such a scenario may not be too far from the truth.


Is it just us, or do others think Clive Palmer may be realising he’s on a hiding to nothing with his big yellow ads in News Crap Australia papers?

Our thoughts turned to such a possibility when we spied (how could we miss it) yet another full-page ad for Palmer’s Unhinged Aust …. sorry, United Australia Party, in News Crap outlets.

This time instead of bright yellow it’s a big blue full-page effort. (below)

 Maybe, we thought, that the big yellow ads have become so linked with big Clive that readers can easily skip over them when they see a hint of a bright yellow ad out of the corner of their eye.

Or is Clive gradually altering his colour palette and gradually shifting to teal?


Speaking of teal, it’s good to know that The Australian is consistent in its efforts to support the Liberal Party and damn anyone who dares to exercise their democratic right to stand against an MP belonging to it and News Crap Australia’s favoured party.

In particular the national broadshit has continued its campaign to vilify the “teal” independents standing in several Liberal-held seats.

The Oz has so far wheeled out just about all of its columnists to pen pro-Liberal commentaries and to lambast the teals.

On Tuesday it even enlisted its foreign editor Greg Sheridan to join the fray with a column that attacked the teals for daring to use the compulsory preferential voting system to win seats by seeking the second or third preferences of other parties. (at left below)

All perfectly legal and something every candidate does but still, how dare they!  

Another column in The Australian on Tuesday went further and argued that the teals didn’t believe in democracy itself and actually wanted to “shut it down”. (at right below)

The author was Tim Wilson, the Liberal MP for the Melbourne seat of Goldstein, who is under pressure from a teal in the form of ex-ABC reporter Zoe Daniel.

If it had appeared in any other news outlet, as opposed to News outlet, we would expect Ms Daniel to have been given equal space by now to rebut the argument.

We’d really like to be surprised to see such a response published by The Oz, preferably before 21 May.