That ‘gaffe’: the gift that keeps on giving

Really, Leigh Sales? REALLY?

Anthony Albanese’s first-day ‘gaffe’ when he had a momentary brain fade and couldn’t remember a fictitious, bullshit, unemployment rate and an interest rate base figure was one of the big three “milestone” issues in the 2022 federal campaign to date?

The ABC 7.30 host made this startling declaration on Tuesday night.

Take it away, Leigh. “Every election campaign includes days that are later considered to be milestones. This time around, the first of them was Anthony Albanese’s day-one misstep over our unemployment and interest rate figures, the second time was China’s security deal with the Solomon Islands. Today it was the third … the Reserve Bank’s mid-campaign decision to raise interest rates for the first time in more than a decade.”

Now, I’m not saying Leigh was among far too many mainstream media politics scribes who, knowing exactly what their bosses wanted them to write or say, declared on that first Monday that Albanese had basically lost the election with that brain fade but you’d at least have hope that a fair and balanced ABC would not be banging on about it in the fourth week of campaigning.

Leigh, you work for the ABC. You don’t work for commercial outlets hellbent on turning this election result to the whim of Rupert Murdoch, Peter Costello and Kerry Stokes.

Anyone who thinks that 4 per cent jobless rate is ridgy-didge when COVID-19 is still rampant and so many sectors of our economy are still recovering slowly should go down to their back garden tonight and check for fairies.

But don’t take my word for it. Take the voters’ reaction to that “gaffe”.

After Albanese “wrecked” his chances of every being Prime Minister, the Newspoll result the following Monday had both the LNP and Labor losing primary vote support.

And half-way through the campaign Newspoll now has Labor on 38 per cent primary and the LNP on 36. The ALP on those figures is heading for a large win.

The bottom line is that Albanese’s “gaffe” was, much like Malcolm Turnbull’s time as PM, a bit of a fizza. The Australian electorate saw it for what it was. A memory lapse for which Albanese quickly apologised.

That “gaffe” lasted in the electorate consciousness about as long as pensioners managed to hold onto their one-off $250 election bribe. My best guess is that many Aussies out there trying to survive on shitty wages and shitty split shifts and shitty multiple part-time jobs know it’s bullshit.

Only the Morrison government and a brown-nosing, suckhole, subservient mainstream media continues to press the risible, ridiculous argument that Albanese showed by that brainfade he and Labor are incapable of running an economy. And just imagine, Leigh, what a mess the Labor campaign would really be in now if Albanese had fucked up the weekly job-seeker rate or said “Mister Speaker” a few times in a media conference or texted during an Anzac Day service and then lied about it! Right, Leigh?

Or had his patched-together bullshit climate-change policy shredded by internal critics? Or had his bullshit captain’s pick in an electorate lambasted by very senior people on his own side of politics.

Leigh Sales seems to have missed these “milestones. And how about one of the biggest milestones of all? The soaring inflation rate announced in the middle of a campaign starting to focus on cost-of-living pressures.

If Sales can’t see the fairness of removing Albanese’s “gaffe” that all the poll evidence shows did him minimal harm – and only for a short while at that – and making the inflation rate rise one of the big three “milestones” of the campaign so far, it’s probably for the best that she’s vacating the 7.30 chair after the election.

Don Gordon-Brown