Much fuel for thought

The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges love a good laugh as much as anybody – but they can’t spend their entire lives watching Barnaby Joyce press conferences.

So for a lovely little giggle, they’ve turned to Alison Nicolson-Rae @Nicolsonraer for her winning tweet (at top and above). What a gas!

We turn now to one of last week’s most interesting campaign moments, when Scott Morrison enjoyed a dram of whisky and to show his appreciation then threw $4.5 million of taxpayers’ money at a profitable Tasmanian whisky distiller. Oddly enough, Smoko’s largesse was of no interest to the bulk of the mainstream mediocre political jokeateriat.

We’d love to acknowledge whoever created this wonderful meme. Let us know and we’ll recognise your contribution towards getting rid of Smoko and his bandits.

Justin Brash @just_brash summed it up all very neatly using only words…..

… as did AsTomGoesBy @AsTimeGoesByO, Nica Cordover @nicacordover and and Thinks Like This Brought Me Back Here @airboss_7

During the campaign’s third week, the mainstream mediocre continued to do its best to provide a level playing field for all political candidates; namely by dragging down Labor at every possible chance, a fact picked up by PRGuy @PRGuy17.

Philip Purnell @ansonsfish and Annie W @AnnieW1303 had this exchange to a tweet put up by The Bug‘s very own fruit an vegetable markets reporter.

Sahra @sahrablackrose got rather excited when her $250 election bribe – sorry, her one-off assistance measure to combat the rising cost of living, while Snarky Mc Snark @rorybaust reflected on how all Australians could redirect the $23 billion Smoko’s mob has set aside to porkbarrel their way to another “miracle” win.

Solo Monk @JJKALE2 and Jim Torcasio @Jimyeahna reflected on another gaffe from Morrison which was of no real interest to our MSM “journalists” because Albanese didn’t make it.

Jennifer Crawford @OurNewHomecoash, NKJrm348 @NeilKJrm348 and Bridge Muir @BridgeMuir all had their own takes on the Morrison years now nearing their end…

And let’s finish off this column with the offering of some chap calling himself jonathan green @GreenJ who marvels at the quality of the subs at the Daily Torygraph.