Coverage teals a tale

The federal Liberal Party’s pro bono advertising agency, News Crap Australia, seems to have kicked off a special mini-campaign targeting so-called “teal” – politically blueish-green – independent candidates threatening to take seats off key Morrison Government MPs of both the Liberal and National stripe.

Obviously News Crap Australia has been briefed, as it is entitled to be as part of the Liberal Party’s campaign committee, on internal party research showing the teals are a real threat. The results of the ad agency’s response can be seen by all.

Just yesterday Murdoch media Sunday turdbloids around the nation ran big stories about the threat to Josh Frydenberg in his seat of Kooyong including the dire consequences for the nation if his teal opponent wins. (below)

No, that’s not a Liberal Party pamphlet drawn from someone’s letterbox in Kooyong but a double-page spread in the Sunday Herald-Sun that followed on from a big page-one picture story.

We’d like to think his teal opponent, Monique Ryan, will now get equal treatment and be allowed to express at some length her views on why Kooyong voters should support her.


For two weekends in a row News Crap Australia’s syndicated columnist Vicki Campion has filled her allotted page with what appears to our researchers to be barely rewritten Liberal and National Party talking points attacking the teal candidates running in various states. (below)

Oh, did we happen to mention Ms Campion is the partner of National Party leader and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce?

Certainly News Crap Australia has never informed its readers of that fact which we continue to feel is rather relevant given the current election campaign and Ms Campion’s commentary that we believe qualifies – like most News Crap Australia election content – as campaigning rather than commentary.


The national broadshit The Australian has been playing its part by running stories and editorials attacking the very idea of voters electing independents.

So too has one of its army of right-wing columnists, Peta Credlin, former chief of staff to Liberal Party PM Tony Abbott and one of the “after-dark” commentary team on Sky News. (below)

Credlin’s column is designed to frighten disaffected Liberal voters into sticking with their traditional party because if they don’t then it will move to the left instead of continuing its drift, if not sprint, to the far right.

In other words, if you vote teal you get a moderate Liberal Party. Some scare tactics.


Another Oz columnist and “after dark” Sky News commentator, Chris Kenny has done his bit to terrify voters about the independent teal candidates whenever possible.

He appears to share Credlin’s concern about the Libs becoming more moderate, heaven forbid, if his latest offering is anything to go by. (below)

Let’s all pause to ponder the headline on his column at the weekend.

We wonder which particular media outlets have done more than their fair share to help turn the public debate “mindlessly vicious”?

Of course, as expected, on cue, and not to disappoint, Mr Kenny’s column goes on to explain that it’s all the fault of “the modern political left”.

Does anyone else suddenly feel images of pots and kettles filling their mind?


Another News Crap Australia minion who can always be relied upon to toe the company, and Liberal Party, line is its full-time anti-ABC roundsperson Gerard Henderson.

Gerard is executive director of the Liberal Party Institute, sorry that should be Sydney Institute. But it is hard to tell the difference.

The current campaign has given Gerard the opportunity not only to attack the teal independents in his columns in The Australian but also to rope in the ABC, as he gleefully did recently in not one but two of his columns. (below)


For the sake of completeness, we present a small taste of Gerard’s other columns in just the past month. (below)

Our researchers do fear that the A, B, and C keys on his computer keyboard may well appear blank from overuse by now.