Gerry Harvey on the warpath

Gerry Harvey, head of the national retail chain Harvey Norman, is reportedly “white hot with anger” after advertisements for federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg pushed out his ads in News Crap Australia’s metropolitan Sunday newspapers.

Mr Harvey is understood to have told close friends that he felt betrayed by News Crap Australia after giving them strong commercial support in recent years by booking bulk advertising campaigns including wraparound catalogues, large front-page display ads, and middle-page double-page spreads inside Rupert Murdoch-owned papers.

“Gerry was white hot with anger when he unwrapped his Sunday papers this morning,” a close friend said.

“The first thing he saw in the Melbourne Sunday Herald-Sun was a full-page, front-page ad for Josh Frydenberg and a double-page advertisement inside. (main picture)

“Gerry couldn’t fathom how Frydenberg managed to book the front page ad plus the big inside spread in the Melbourne paper plugging him to voters in his Melbourne seat.

“More importantly Gerry wanted to know how much Josh paid for such a deal.

“It only got worse when Gerry started thumbing through other News Crap Australia metro Sunday papers.

“He saw the same big pro-Frydenberg advertisements run in other capital cities pushing Frydenberg’s core message warning voters against supporting independent candidates. (below)

“Gerry can’t understand why his ads got bumped in favour of the Frydenberg ads.

“When I last spoke to him just a few moments ago he was contemplating ringing Frydenberg directly to ask how much he paid for the ads.

“Gerry feels he needs to benchmark the rates Harvey Norman is being charged for its long-term advertising commitment in all the same papers against any deal Frydenberg managed to strike for his short-term campaign.

“Gerry also wants to know how Josh managed to secure the services of expert advertising copywriter James Campbell who usually works directly for the Liberal Party,” the source said.