EXCLUSIVE: Expert speaks on Deves

The Liberal Party’s candidate in the seat of Warringah, Katherine Deves, has stirred controversy with her comments on transgender people, especially children.

Is her choice as a flagbearer for the government in a seat now held by an independent MP a clever tactic or a major bungle by Prime Minister Scott Morrison?

We asked noted expert in the field, Professor Tess Tosterone from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, (main picture) for her analysis.

The Bug: The Liberal Party candidate in Warringah has polarised views even within her own party as a result of the statements and social media posts she has made on transgender people, especially children. 

TT: Oh yes, I’ve read her comments.

The Bug: So do you think she has any justification for what she has said?

TT: Well, I think we would need to allot some considerable amount of time to discuss that issue.

The Bug: So, let’s do that now.

TT: No, I think that would best be discussed later.

The Bug: Later?

TT: Yes. Later. First has there been any apologies?

The Bug: I’m pretty sure Ms Deves has been quite unapologetic about her remarks.

TT: Any correspondence?

The Bug: I don’t think she’s put anything in writing, apart from on her social media accounts. So what’s your expert opinion on what Ms Deves has been saying?

TT: I think that properly belongs in the “business arising” section of our meeting.

The Bug: What?

TT: Or maybe in “general business” when we get to that part of our meeting.

The Bug: Meeting? But aren’t you a gender expert?

TT: What?

The Bug: We’re talking to you on the basis that you’re a gender expert.

TT: Oh no.

The Bug: What do you mean? Aren’t you an expert in gender issues?

TT: Agenda. Agenda expert. I’m an authority on agendas.

The Bug: Oh for … Fuck!

TT: So should I be taking the minutes?

The Bug: Oh fuck off.

TT: Huh?

The Bug: Sorry. Thanks for your time. We’ll end it there.

TT: Okay. I’ll note the time the meeting closed in the minutes.