Top scribe cuts election short!

Like all professional news sites, The Bug is forever vigilant to ensure the information it shares is factual.

It’s why we are extra, extra, cautious when it comes to Twitter. We all know what a cesspit of conspiracy theories it can be! A platform awash with red-hot but sadly misplaced anger based on a complete misunderstanding of issues! And we especially need to scrutinise tweets put online during an election campaign.

To put it bluntly, there are many Twitterers out there who do not have the slightest of interests in being fair in the current campaign or providing a level playing field for politicians of all colours. No, we have to turn to the respected mainstream media for that!

Australians are renowned for their belief in fairness and a fair go, so we should all thank our own particular gods that in the mainstream media at least, professionally trained journalists bound by the craft’s code of ethics are striving to give the LNP a fair hearing!

And is it any wonder Prime Minister Scott Morrison absolutely abhors trial by social media?

Anyway, back to Twitter! Below is a tweet supposedly posted yesterday by one of the Peter van Onselens who teach on or cover Australian politics for various media outlets.

Is it true or some form of chicanery by some cunning culprit trying to make Peter van Onselen look sillier than usual! And even if it’s true, which Peter van Onselen is it?

The one who teaches politics at the University of Western Australia? The national political editor for the Ten Network? Or the one who opines on politics for the national broadshit The Australian?

Whichever Peter van Onselen it is, he sure as hell knows fuck-all about basic arithmetic.

Don Gordon-Brown