Further change for Insiders

The ABC has announced another change to its Sunday morning political panel program Insiders at least for the duration of the federal election campaign.

An ABC TV source said it had always been planned to extend the length of Insiders from one hour to 90 minutes once the election was called.

“Although we said the extension was to give more coverage to election issues, it was really driven by David himself who has been demanding more opportunities to interrupt guests and other panellists,” the source said, adding that the change may become permanent.

“Unfortunately it’s also given some of the more excitable and garrulous guest panellists more time to bang on about fuckall and talk over and interrupt their fellow panellists.

“So we’ve decided to go a step further and have all panellists, including David, inside soundproof booths during the show so that viewers with ‘smart’ TVs or screen devices can download an app that lets them hear only the panellist they want to hear. (main picture)

“This should make it much easier to hear what the hell anyone is saying instead of just a mish-mash of mutual interruptions, especially when Patricia Karvelas is on the panel,” the source said.


Australians have breathed a collective sigh of relief with the overnight news that war with China is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton (pictured) has issued a statement saying that China’s president Xi Jingping had agreed to delay hostilities until Australia gets its handful of nuclear subs by 2050 or 2060.

“That should take any war with China into a second day. Third, even,” a Defence Department said.


Former Queensland Premier (pictured) has used his morning media call outside his inner-Sydney home to give a detailed analysis of what Labor needs to do over the next 25 days to ensure victory at the 21 May poll.

Mr Beattie announced he would step up his conferences to twice-daily if it looked like Labor was getting too far ahead in the polls.