Best Peter Fegan forgets…

The Media Glass House is fairly confident Channel 9 Brisbane news reporter Peter Fegan would love to go back in time and start again. Not just rewind the tape; erase it and start from scratch.

Here’s his commentary overlay from last night to go with his coverage of the Dawn Service at Brisbane’s Shrine of Remembrance in Brisbane: “… the ceremony commencing at 4.28am, the exact time the Anzacs were approaching the Gallipoli beach in 1916”.

Look, we all make misakes. See how easy it is to do?

It’s most likely a slip of the tongue but we’ve put the dunce’s cap on Peter for not giving the piece a final check and run through. And is he totally to blame anyway? Who the fuck was in the production booth with Peter when the piece was put together? Not one producer available? Just the technician? Does Nine still have producers?


Memo: Shane Wright, economics writer for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

If the Labor Party promises to spend more than $100 million in projects in the federal electorate of Gilmore where the Coalition has managed to pledge $430 million alone in road projects in just four weeks, Labor IS being outdone. By a Gilmore country lane mile.

It’s a maths thing, really, that should be right up his alley.

Almost sorry to pick up this little hiccup in an otherwise excellent article on the rolled-gold, top-shelf, criminally corrupt porkbarrelling currently being undertaken by the worst government in Australia’s history, but there you are.

The MGH takes no prisoners and we’ll even have a go at one of the few decent scribes bravely keeping their heads above an otherwise rotting, feted, mainstream media cesspool.


The graphics department at The Herald-Sun in Melbourne deserves a mention for the effort below.

We’d be prepared to accept the way the piechart was sliced as an honest mistake but for the fact that it comes in one of Murdoch’s LNP propaganda outlets. And the national broadshit The Australian has also been known to cook up distorted piecharts for their Newspoll announcements.

The literal in the image was artily corrected in a later edition.


The what-the-papers-say segment on ABC News Breakfast today (Tuesday) starts with a piece on Labor’s various plans for engaging more with our south Pacific neighbours both militarily and economically and yet the entire time is accompanied by various Morrison photo-ops and closeups.

And Aunty wonders why it’s copping so much flak over accusations it’s not being as fair and balanced as its charter demands of it.