The Beetrooter cracks on…

Any tweet that makes fun of our loveable, larrikin of a Deputy Prime Minister will always gain favour with our Tweet of the Week judges – especially in an erection … sorry … election period – so it’s Akubras off to Michael Collier Beveridge @UFI player (above and below).

Vision of Barnaby Joyce’s interview on The David Speers Show on Sunday morning had the Twitterverse wondering what the apparatus or device hanging from the Beetrooter’s belt was for?

Well, done, Michael. Spotted in one. We would have accepted a Swiss army knife, provided it had a little shovel to help Joyce dig himself out of the train wreck of an interview he got himself into.

Before we leave The Beetrooter to do what he does best – chatting up the bar staff at the yacht club – let’s hear from Lucy Downes (syringe, syringe, syringe) @LucyDownes22 on that $675,000 cost to Australia when Joyce was chatting up bar staff all around this wide brown hat of his as our drought envoy.

If there is just one issue to pinpoint what a fucking disgraceful, wasteful, corrupt, lazy, self-centred, secretive government Smoko Morrison has led for the past four years, this is it.

But now onto other main issues that emerged election-wise over this past week, including the fact that Smoko was blessed by his own special, money-hungry version of a magic sky daddy to have normal kids and how he forgot to hold a phone over the Solomons.

On the former, let’s hear from Paul Daniel @pauld08 …

… while Tolkien’s Maiden @Jane_Suburbia, Christine Sandoval @human4good and Wee Willem @ClarkeW24578719 all had their say on the latter..

On matters Chinese, Finnigans @Thefinnigans tweeted of a looming Chris Uhlmann scoop …

Several of our finalists looked at Smoko Morrison’s performances early on in the campaign before it dawned that his best bet was not to talk to the media for the remainder of the campaign.

It’s Time @toninicho referenced the time the PM said “Mr Speaker” three times at a news conference…

… while we’re not sure if leevardi @leevardi was tweeting about the same incident or Morrison’s general inclination to mangle English while serving up a word salad but got the basic sentiment right in any case.

Chief Wiggum #TheResistance @riffraff0001 reflected on the marketing genius that is Scott Morrison….

… Jaqueline Outram @JaquelineOutram defines “caretaking”….

… Mark Dickenson Scott Morrison is the worst …. @bugwanno… uses some colourful language to express his feelings over the ABC’s political coverage …..

and, finally, just to show this column isn’t always about politics, here’s Steve Oscar @SteveOscarbravo to send us out with a smile…