Katter goes it alone

Queensland federal independent MP Bob Katter Jnr has chosen Anzac Day to kickstart his plan to arm high school students to help repel a future Chinese invasion.

Mt Katter last week said that the security deal struck by China with the Solomon Islands and the recent war between Ukraine and Russia pointed to the need for Australians to be able to defend themselves against any foreign invader.

In his electorate of Kennedy, Mr Katter today began handing out weapons to students from Year 7 upwards who were representing their schools at Anzac Day services. (main picture)

“We’ve seen in Ukraine how a population with access to guns can fight back against the Russians,” he said.

“In our own case, the deal between China and the Solomon Islands means we could be next.

“If China invades us we need to know that every high school student has access to a gun and can use it.

“That’s why I’m starting to dish out guns myself. I can’t wait for the Morrison Government to do it, especially after all the bungled defence force contracts that have happened on its watch.”

Mr Katter said as a start he would be handing out guns and helmets to all high school students in his electorate and called on other federal MPs to follow his lead.

“I will also be handing out adhesive bullseye targets to all students to wear strategically positioned on their uniforms,” he said.

“We need to be sensible and serious about this. I don’t want to see or be responsible for any young kid suffering a painful and lingering death on the battlefield.

“So they will all have a target to wear over their heart so that any Chinese sniper who gets a bead on one of these kids in battle can take them out quickly and cleanly.

“I only have their and their family’s interests at heart. Pardon the gun. I mean, pun,” Mr Katter laughed before suddenly turning very serious and saying: “But we have to remember that every day 17 dairy farmers are torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland.”