Dutton ready to play a role

After taking a relatively low-key role in the first weeks of the federal election campaign, Defence Minister Peter Dutton says he is ready to play a bigger and more visible part in the weeks ahead. In the pre-dawn gloom while emerging from a fetid, smokey, bubbling swamp behind his house on the northern outskirts of Brisbane, Mr Dutton (main picture) gave this exclusive interview to The Bug.

The Bug: Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

PD: Thanks Leigh. It’s good to be here.

The Bug: Leigh? I’m not …. Leigh Sales?

PD: It’s a pleasure, Leigh.

The Bug: Righto. Let’s move on. But before we get down to it. Any reason you’re wearing camouflage make-up?

PD: Well, exactly. As you say Anthony Albanese and Labor have no policies. They have no economic plan for our nation. They would be a terrible risk to put into office……

The Bug: But I asked about your…..

PD: Yes, you are correct in identifying national security as an issue that’s on voters’ minds and I intend to make sure voters know the difference between a Coalition government that is keeping Australia and Australian families safe and an Albanese Labor-Greens-Communist axis of evil that would invite China to take over our country.

The Bug: But that’s not….

PD: Yes, you’re right. Australians know that Labor is weak on defence.

The Bug: Well, they don’t and they’re not. They generally take a bipartisan….

PD: Yes, as you point out, they have said they’ll scrap the new AUKUS alliance, turn their back on our traditional allies, and embrace Beijing, while offering up our own RAN fleet to the Chinese Navy for target practice.

The Bug: Well, no they haven’t…..

PD: Thanks for reminding me about the key fact that Labor and Anthony Albanese are the party and the party leader favoured by Beijing to win the election. On May 21 we will see soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army handing out how-to-vote cards for Labor.

The Bug: No they’re not. No we won’t. They….

PD: Yes. As you rightly point out Labor is to blame for the Solomon Islands signing a security agreement with China. We know that for a fact.

The Bug: No, we don’t. But, moving on, what other lines of attack are you going to be taking on the campaign trail?

PD: I’ll be pointing out whenever I can – just like I and Scott Morrison and others did in the 2019 election – that Anthony Albanese and Labor are liars. They lie and lie, and then lie again.

The Bug: I think we’ll end it there.

PD: That’s right. A good point you make. They lie about anything.

The Bug: Thanks for your time. I think.

PD: My pleasure Leigh.