By George, what a loss he’ll be!

So many Australians fretting that the 2022 federal election would see the end of politics for much-loved Queensland pollie George Christensen were overjoyed when the big fella decided to kick on after joining Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

He’s the party’s third Senate pick for the Sunshine State so he’s got about as much chance of someone buying something from K-Mart that wasn’t Made in China but our whip-cracking George is going out on the hustings to selflessly ensure a bigger Parliamentary pension for himself by being a defeated candidate rather than a retired one.

Unfortunately for George, not everyone saw his career rethink as pure altruism. Citizen Greybeard @Greybeard3 produced this beautifully short and succinct tweet!

Probably the biggest MSM political news of the week, apart from poor old Albanese ruining his chances of ever being PM on the first full day of campaigning was an enormous howler from The Australian Financial Review that left Michael Stutchbury and Phillip Coorey with egg all over their faces, as PRGuy @PRGuy17 explained in a reply to a tweet by Jac @CultofJack..

Meanwhile, Eileen Tudaleft .Bebe @TudaleftEileen was keeping a close eye on the hustings….

… while Emma @emma_jayne14 had a not-to-subtle swipe at an ABC “journo” who should have know better….

Also targetting the ABC was Media Analyst @MediaAnalystOz with some sound advice for some of Aunty’s alleged superstars….

Federal ICAC now @swansraiders, Adam Of Smeg @adamofsmeg and Scott Morrison Male Model @ScomoThe tweeted on various issues of interest…

And let’s finally hear from TonyG @ShopAussie on the Indue card, an issue that has Smoko Morrison livid with rage because he’s the only politician who should be allowed to frighten old folk! The Pensioner Tax scare and the Labor death tax scare, right, Smoko?