Stop getting it so Right, Andrew!

For fuck’s sake, Andrew Probyn, give it a break, will ya!

If you don’t want to continue coming across like those LNP apologists at Newcorpse, Nine Entertainment and the shock jocks, stop perpetuating this myth that Anthony Albanese was the only one to stuff up in week one of the campaign.

And if you really care about objectivity, have a bloody read-through before you tape your to-camera pieces.

Take this bit from last night’s 7pm news: “Anthony Albanese’s stumbles last week wouldn’t have helped the ALP…”

Do you have the slightest inkling at all as to why there’s increasing social media chatter about the ABC not being as fair and balanced as it once was? Oh, that’s right. You’re mainstream media so you probably detest those sewer rats having their say on Twitter? Furry, shit-stained little bastards! Getting things shamefully wrong when we should all turn to the MSM politics commentariat who are the masters of fair and accurate reporting.

Are you at all interested in reporting in a way that doesn’t inflame those much-expressed disappointments, sometimes from long-time ex-Aunty staffers concerned that a cowed national broadcaster is drifting to the right?

Singling out Albanese for his bad first week is shit-poor journalism from anyone at the ABC.
You were simply doubling down on your statement on Insiders last Sunday, when you joined the mainstream media choir banging on that poor Albanese had possibly lost the election on day-one with his “gaffe” in not recalling a bullshit, meaningless and made-up 4% jobless rate.

Let’s role the tape: “This was a real shocker of a first blunder …. this brain explosion is something that will potentially define this whole campaign…. it was a crucial number.”

No, it fucking well will not define a six-week campaign. The LNP dropped a percentage point in Newspoll taken during this period where the MSM was shrieking hysterically about that “gaffe” and in the process reinforcing the LNP’s risible notion that forgetting a fictional, fairy-floss of a figure meant Labor can’t manage economies.

True, it is a crucial number to Morrison’s mob. This 4% figure and the zillions of jobs they’ve allegedly created is more or less all they’ve got going for them this election.

So Andrew Probyn, please stop sprouting LNP talking points. You work for the ABC. You’re not Philip Coorey at the AFR or Chris Uhlmann at Channel 9 or any of the suckholes at Newscorpse sparring Rupert Murdoch from ever having to buy dunny paper.

Both candidates for PM had a pretty shit first week and you should fucking well know that. Morrison had a shocking last few days.

Did you somehow miss the gaffe over the job-seeker rate? The “Mister Speaker” blunders? The painting of himself into a corner he’ll never be able to back out of over a federal ICAC with teeth? Morrison’s doubling down on his support for his hand-picked candidate for Warringah who is likely to soften the Liberal vote in crucial neighbouring seats? Morrison and Birmingham declaring that seeing it was a private matter, they had no interest whatsoever in the amount of taxpayers’ money going to Alan Tudge’s former roo… ahem, squeeze ….as compensation for things Tudge didn’t do to her?

If you missed all these things and therefore felt it was only fair to report on the damage done to Albanese in the first week, could I humbly suggest some shopping malls that have Specsavers and Hearing Australia outlets?

So get yourself sorted. Andrew, and please try your best to stop damaging the ABC further while its reputation is still salvageable. Just.

Don Gordon-Brown