Welcome to Planet Murdoch

While the Murdoch media has been busying itself with trowelling anti-Labor stories onto the front pages of its metro dailies around the nation, it somehow hasn’t found the time or space to give what we regard as due coverage to a big story happening within the NSW Liberal Party.

There has been considerable debate about the comments on the transgender issue by Katherine Deves, the “captain’s pick” by PM Scott Morrison to be the Liberal candidate in the seat of Warringah held by independent Zali Steggall since she gave Tony Abbott the boot in 2019.

The treasurer in the Liberal Party state government of NSW, Matt Kean, bought into the issue and publicly called for Ms Deves to be disendorsed.

A big story, and one that illustrates what are obviously considerably deep divisions in the NSW Libs, the PM’s home state and where he was once the party’s state director.

Mr Kean’s explosive comments were reported online by news.com.au on Friday night.

But did they make it into Good Friday’s edition of the Sydney turdbloid The Daily Telegraph? Umm… no.

Of course that could have been due to a timing and deadline conflict.

But were his words mentioned in what we believe should have been a rather large, if not front-page, story in The Saturday Telegraph? Nothing.

How about The Sunday Telegraph? Nothing

But, hooray! Today’s Daily Tele mentions Mr Kean and the call he made to dump Ms Deves.

Yes, they helpfully (for the Liberal Party) appear in just one line buried towards the end of a story that just as helpfully for the Libs, somehow manages to attack Ms Steggall. (pictured)

Welcome to Planet Murdoch.


While considering Planet Murdoch our MGH researchers acknowledge that they have banged on about the following issue numerous times in the past.

But with the federal election having been called a week ago, they feel it is worth being mentioned yet again.

Yes, it’s Vicki Campion, one of News Crap Australia’s star columnists whose CV happens to list a number of National Party MPs as employers.

Oh, and did we mention she is the partner of Deputy PM and National Party leader, Barnaby Joyce? Our regular reader would know that we have mentioned that before. Many times.

Now Ms Campion occasionally, very occasionally, writes a column that doesn’t touch on politics. But a lot of the time her weekly words do canvass hot political issues.

Take for example her syndicated effort at the weekend that looked at the Labor Party’s election policy for establishing 50 special urgent-care clinics across the nation. (pictured)

To put it bluntly, Ms Campion’s column read like the talking points issued to Liberal and National Party MPs and candidates attacking the idea.

So, yet again News Crap Australia has donated another full-page for what is essentially an anti-Labor advertisement.

We suggest that the ethical, honest, and honourable thing for News Crap head honchos to do would be either to suspend Ms Campion’s column for the duration of the campaign, or instruct her not to write on politics until after polling day.

We know only too well that you, dear reader, can see the flaw in that suggestion.