Is this the media beatup of all time?


Has The Bug’s uncoveted annual award for the media beat-up of the year already been won!

This very question is currently being decided behind closed doors by The Bug’s elite panel of judges.

But one of the adjudicators gave the strongest possible hint when he left the judges’ room late last night for another six bottles of Bundy rum and a carton of Cocoa-Cola cans: “Really, we can’t see anything emerging in the next eight-and-a-half months to topple this absolute beauty for 2022 honours!”

He was referring, of course, to The Australian Financial Review’s breathless expose (right) that an Ipsos polling company’s examination of “focus groups” had found that undecided voters were swinging towards Scott Morrison and his LNP government!

And why wouldn’t they, hey, after Anthony Albanese’s 4 percent jobless gaffe that many in the mainstream media were gleefully decrying as the moment Labor lost the 2022 federal election?

It’s said that Chris Uhlmann allegedly pissed his pants on hearing the news and the ABC’s Fauziah Ibrahim took time out from her week-day job of the shipping news to deliver an ecstatic fist-pump and a shout of “lobotomised shitheads” to highlight her glee.

We now all know that the focus groups were a total sham that any journalist with a skerrick of commonsense let alone professional integrity would not have touched with a 3.048 metre barge pole.

Ipsos has reportedly stated, and we’re paraphrasing here, that nothing of any real statistical let alone testicular worth could be gleaned by their findings.

And why? The answers vary but suggestions abound that there were TWO survey groups of FIVE people in each. Another rumour was that there was one person from each of five states in the survey – that’s FIVE!

Even if remotely true, how did Ipsos select them?

Did the AFR editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury and chief political reporter Phillip Coorey (both shown at top with The Bug beat-up trophy) know of the serious limitations of this survey?

Did they suggest candidates? Someone who looked a helluva like James Campbell in Sydney or James Morrow in Sydney? Des Houghton in Brisbane?

The whole incident reeks of some form of pathetic push-polling to give the Morrison government some much needed, if totally undeserved, momentum on the back of a “gaffe” that the mainstream media would largely and studiously have ignored if Morrison had made it.

“We’re getting close to a final decision,” the same judge said this morning as he left the judges’ room for another six bottles of Bundy rum and a carton of Cocoa-Cola cans.