Albo has a bad Friday

Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese experienced another shocking gaffe-filled day on the campaign trail yesterday.

Mr Albanese attended a Good Friday service at a Maronite church in Sydney along with Jenny Morrison, the wife of the Prime Minister, and her two daughters.

At the same time Mr Morrison was at another service at a Baptist church in Melbourne.

The Labor leader’s latest campaign trail bungle came as he greeted Mrs Morrison before taking his seat in the church.

Mr Albanese said: “Good afternoon Jenny.” But when he made the remark it was around 11.45am – still morning.

The Labor leader quickly apologised to Mrs Morrison and said: “I meant to say, good morning.”

He tried to laugh it off but by then it was too late and the Prime Minister in Melbourne soon picked up on the blunder.

“Anthony Albanese doesn’t even know the time of day,” Mr Morrison told the packed Baptist church service after discarding his previously arranged reading.

“How can he run our great nation if he doesn’t know what time it is?” Mr Morrison said.

He repeated his attack later on Good Friday at a visit to a Jewish synagogue in the electorate of Kooyong held by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

“Oi vey,” he said with a thick Yiddish accent and theatrically shrugging his shoulders. “All Mr Albanese does is kvetch and kvetch. He thinks he can lead the nation? He is Meshuggeneh!”

News Corp Australia newspapers today blasted Mr Albanese’s latest misstep (main picture).