The Oz sticks to the script

We’re not sure who at Brisbane’s News Corp Australia turdbloid The Courier-Mail decided to run a big snap of Anthony Albanese on today’s front page (left in main picture), but we wish them well in their new job.

Traditionally the big story after the announcement of an election date has been a pretty even-handed treatment of the incumbent and the challenger.

Most of the Murdoch turdbloids around the nation followed the template (pictured below).

Of course the national broadshit The Australian didn’t disappoint by giving the PM the run of the front page while inserting a small image of the Labor leader to one side. (right in main picture)

The big pic of the PM sat on top of a think piece by editor-at-largesse Paul Kelly pontificating about the coming poll as a battle between “unknown” Albanese and the “scrapping underdog” (the PM).

Our Media Glass House researchers think The Oz might have save Mr Kelly a lot of time if they had simply reprinted the Liberal Party’s talking points.


On that note, our MGH researchers are also constantly bemused these days by repeated assertions by many in the MSM about Anthony Albanese being “unknown”.

Apart from lazily repeating attacks lines penned by the Liberal Party, our researchers have this crazy idea in their heads that – if the charge were true – maybe those reporters using the line might need to reflect on their efforts over the past three years to find out more about the Labor leader on behalf of their readers or viewers.

Our researchers are of the view that such an effort by those reporters was, to use a technical expression, part of their fucking job.


ABC’s Tom Lowrey has succinctly explained what this six-week federal election campaign is all about – namely a thoroughly examination of the Labor opposition!

Take it away, Tom, from his report on ABC’s 7pm news bulletin on Saturday night: “….the starter’s gun will change the tempo – it will bring more scrutiny to Labor but also more time in the spotlight….” To be scrutinised, presumably, Tom?

(scrutinise: examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.)

The tacit message from Tom’s to-camera piece is that the need to examine or inspect closely and thoroughly Morrison’s record in government – that silly old notion that governments lose elections; oppositions don’t win them – runs a poor second to a forensic evaluation of Labor and its leader?

To the MGH, Tom’s words sounded just a little too one-sided; supporting, albeit covertly, the LNP propaganda line that Anthony Albanese and Labor were a blank page, a policy-free zone that needed.. well, a damn-good scrutinising. Was that the thinking – or hope – behind your chosen words, Tom?

But Tom didn’t let PM Morrison entirely off the hook. Tom again: “… and the Prime Minister who delivered what he called a miracle three years ago will ask the voters for another…”

So there you have it: balanced and fair reporting, as you would expect, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: an election campaign where Labor needs to be scrutinised and the PM asks voters to re-elect him.

When you think of all the biased, disgraceful shit that Newscorpse, the shock jocks and Nine Entertainment Co. are going to be throwing at Labor for the next month-and-a-half, at least the ALP will get a fair shake from Tom and other ABC reporters!


On its “about us” page the online website InQueensland says its “provides our state’s only truly independent, high-quality news service – freely available to all Queenslanders”.

True, it’s product is of a solid standard. True it is freely available – not behind a paywall.

But is it doing all it should be doing as a news service?

Take the story below.

To put it into context the story first uploaded on Friday was still running on InQueensland’s front page last night – at least 12 hours after the PM had called the election.

InQueensland is certainly offering a service, but a news service? Hardly.