A hand-over-fist clean winner!

The Bug’s tweet of the week judges simply could not go past the very clever photo essay (above and below) from LipsZipped – power to proles etc, bloody, etc @LipsZipped1

She/he/it married one of the images from Smoko Morrison’s vomitous online ad with the closeup of his wedding ring – Take that, Albanese! I’m happily married and you aren’t! – to detail from that famous image showing the PM bullying the fire chief while a startled Gladys Berejiklian looks on like she’s just realised she’s in an underground chamber with Buffalo Bill.

Absolutely brilliant!

Sticking with tweets riffing off powerful images, we salute marquelawyers @marquelawyers and Peter Murphy @PeterWMurphy1 with their takes on the heated exchange between the pensioner and the PM at that Newcastle pub towards the end of last week.

Jenny? Very funny. And any tweet referencing our boozy, beetrooter of a deputyPM will also curry favour with us!

Still on that altercation, Kent Parkstreet @thespecialbka made a valid point…

Since the real election – as to the many months of the faux election – has now been called, let’s just run some anti-Smoko observations now. Our thanks to Riff Raff @RichardAOB, Jacoby @adamajacoby, Bradpsychology @bradpsychology and Captain Nemo’s Left Sock GPS etc etc @runcibleH

Let’s leave the bullying of Smoko for a while … ah, no, fuck it! …. here’s Liam O’Neill; Self taught Empathy Expert @shootin4love and Rhys Muldoon @rhysam….

Of course, now that the election campaign has begun, our marvellous, balanced, fair and professional mainstream media is sprouting LNP talking points bagging Anthony Albanese ad nauseam which made Ronni Salt @RonniSalt quite angry and possibly just a little nauseous.

Mark Geerin @GeerinMark backed up Ronni….

Smoko kicked off the campaign with a few whoppers as is his wont, and PRGuy @PRGuy17 didn’t miss him….

Here’s a few general observations that tickled our judges’ fancy. Thanks to Dead Parrot Society @MyFirstCousin, Markie Linhart etc etc @markielinhart, Mark Dickenson a new got OK, a new system.. @bugwanna something or other and Bronwyn Clark @BronwynHill1

And finally, bravo to Pup Fiction @jjjove for the effort put in to create this Last Supper meme.