Antony Green’s role in doubt

In shock news, the ABC’s in-house election analyst Antony Green may not front the national broadcaster’s coverage of the coming federal poll.

The Bug understands Mr Green’s future role is now in doubt after he was forcibly restrained by ABC security personnel on the orders of senior management when he attempted to gatecrash this morning’s edition of Insiders to call the result of the election. (main picture)

It would have been the earliest call by Mr Green of any federal or state election result in his 30-year career as the ABC’s psephologist.

An ABC source said Mr Green this morning viewed live news reports showing Prime Minister Scott Morrison leaving Sydney by RAAF VIP jet heading to Canberra supposedly to visit the Governor-General to put the wheels in motion for a federal poll.

The source said Mr Green immediately rushed from his Sydney home to the national broadcaster’s studios in Ultimo and entered its network control room demanding that he be put on air to make his call of the federal election result.

Technical staff on duty argued with Mr Green and pointed out that the Insiders program was then on air live from Melbourne and could not be interrupted.

After Mr Green became “loud and aggressive”, according to eyewitnesses, the technical officers contacted senior ABC editorial staff who directed security guards to restrain Mr Green.

“Antony was wrestled to the ground by two very large guards but put up a considerable struggle,” the eyewitness said. “Antony may be a short and slight figure but boy can he put up a fight.

“The guards were forced to restrain and gag him before locking him up in the Green Room.

“I should explain that’s not the green room used by on-air guest before their appearance, but the Green Room which was built for and named after Antony and which he uses exclusively when in the Ultimo building.”

The source said it was not know exactly what election result Mr Green wanted to announce, but the ABC was keen not to turn off viewers so early in the campaign by having him declare a result.

“His actions have certainly put his future with the ABC in doubt and it’s likely he will now be ‘warehoused’ by being taken off the air and barred from making any public comments on the election.”