Seven show snares big names

The Seven Network is bringing out of retirement one of its biggest stars from the 1970s and 80s to host a special one-off pre-election revival of its celebrity-studded hit series This Is Your Life.

The show involves a celebrity guest being surprised by the host and taken to a studio where they are regaled with stories about themselves told by people from their past.

I can reveal that Roger Climpson (main picture), now 89 but still looking as young as ever, who hosted the show from 1977 to 1980 will front the special edition that will be renamed This Is Your Lie in honour of its special guest, none other than Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

If you’re worried about spoilers I urge you to stop reading right now!

That’s because I can also reveal that Seven has spared no expense in assembling the list of guest stars who will tell their own unique stories about their interactions with the PM.

Just a few of those who’ll appear are Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce who’ll tell viewers that Mr Morrison is “a hypocrite and a liar”.

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull will appear to tell viewers that Mr Morrison has “a reputation for telling lies” and former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian will be on stage to say the PM is “a horrible horrible person”.

Former Liberal Party preselection candidate for Cook, Michael Towke, will say Morrison is a “compulsive liar”  and NSW State Liberal MP Catherine Cusack will call him “a ruthless bully”.

She’ll be followed by  Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells who call him an “autocrat [and] a bully who has no moral compass” and “unfit to be PM”.

Others to take the stage are former Liberal Justice Minister Michael Keenan who’ll say the PM is an “absolute arsehole” and former Liberal MP Julia Banks will say he is “like a menacing, controlling wallpaper” while former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate will recount how Morrison “bullied [me] out of my job”.

But the big surprise, and the last guest to take to the stage, will be French President Emanuel Macron, who’ll fly in on a French Air Force jet just so that he can be there to one again say that “I don’t think, I know” that Morrison lied to him about cancelling France’s contract to build the RAN’s new submarine fleet.

A Seven Network source told me senior executives were worried about the likelihood of securing Macron’s appearance.

“But we were quite surprised when he said he’d personally pay the huge cost of having the presidential jet, a French Air Force Airbus A330-200, fly him out and back to Australia just for the show,” the source said.

“That says a lot because Macron is in the middle of his own presidential election campaign in France, yet he agreed to be a guest and volunteered to pay his own way as soon as he heard about the show.

“Naturally we grabbed his offer with both hands,” the source said.