Credlin’s latest Korea move

A star of the right-wing “after dark” line-up on right-wing Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s right-wing Sky News is right-winger Peta Credlin who has never been fair or balanced and – like her fellow hosts who emerge when Sky goes dark – behaves more like a strident North Korean pro-government news reader than any type of independent journalist. (main picture)

Our Media Glass House research teams didn’t watch her “documentary” aired this week about the many independents daring to exercise their democratic right to stand against Liberal Party MPs in the coming federal election.

Our MGH staffers say they already knew what it would contain given the now-standard cross-promotional campaign run in News Crap Australia outlets in the lead-up to its screening which included “news” stories and not just full full-page ads, but double full-page ads giving it a plug. (pictured)

If there was any single person left on Earth who somehow in their fevered dreams thought the “documentary” fronted by a right wing ex-minder of right-wing ex-PM Tony Abbott might give a balanced view would have had their hopes dashed by the ads that featured the people to be interviewed.

There was Abbott himself, of course, right-wing Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, and right-wing former minder to right-wing US President and unconvicted war criminal George W Bush.

Maybe the ACCC should perhaps look at the use by Sky News of the word “documentary” and insist that the program, if re-screened, should be described as an advertisement for the Liberal Party. Or maybe as just a heap of the usual right-wing shit.


Did anyone see the big stories run in News Crap Australia papers about the Morrison Government’s disgraceful last-minute appointments of a raft of ex-Liberal MPs to taxpayer-funded jobs?

The jobs were signed, sealed, and delivered just before the caretaker period kicks in prior to the coming election.

You are forgiven if you didn’t read about it in the Murdoch media because if any of Rupert’s outlets ran it at all it was as a thin sliver of a story buried way back in the paper. (pictured)

The only outlet to give it any prominence was the Herald Sun in Melbourne and even that was on page 10. (pictured)

We can only imagine the size of the screaming front-page headline “JOBS FOR LABOR MATES” that would have accompanied the yarn if it hadn’t been a Liberal Party government dishing out the sinecures.

Our MGH teams reckon the Murdoch turdbloids would have rushed out one-off broadshit editions just to accommodate the splash.


There is always a problem when governments hand out stories to favoured outlets on an exclusive basis in a bid to preview a supposedly big announcement and gain extra coverage or better frame the coverage to come.

The reporter receiving such a “drop” should exercise their usual judgement and ask any pertinent questions before writing it up for publication. But sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Take the “exclusive” given to News Crap Australia about a new bucket of taxpayers’ money from the Morrison Government aimed at tackling domestic violence which was announced, surprise, surprise, just before we head to the polls. (pictured)

The story referenced $4.1 million being dished out supposedly to ensure police are better equipped to support victims of DV and sexual violence.

Let’s stop there. The report notes that the money is spread across four years. So by our calculation that makes it $1.025 million a year.

Also by our calculation there are about 60,000 officers in state and territory police services who are in the frontline when it comes to dealing with DV.

So, again by our calculation, that means the Morrison Government is providing about $17.08 to every police officer for extra training.

Maybe instead of being happy to be given yet another Morrison Government “exclusive” (which would be expected given News Crap Australia is the government’s PR agency) the story might have done those same sums and asked where the rest of the cash was.


We have all no doubt noticed the torrent of taxpayer-funded federal government advertising that’s been running on our TV screens and infesting our newspapers lately in the lead-up to the election.

Our MGH researchers picked out the one pictured below as a real corker.

The half-page ad, in something very much like Liberal Party blue, tells readers about the miracles being worked by “Australia’s economic plan”. Well we don’t think Australia has an economic plan. Governments have economic plans. Oppositions have them too and they both compete at elections to see which one voters like best.

So on that basis alone our MGH researchers believe the ad is blatantly partisan political effort to swing votes published at taxpayers’ expense and should never have been approved let alone published.