Rent boy provided the giggles

The Twitterverse exploded with merriment when our moron of a prime minister declared that Australians having trouble paying their house or flat rent should buy a property instead.

We know! We know! When Australia rids itself of this fuckwit next month, we’ll probably find it hard to believe how we ever put up with the shit and the lies that have poured effortlessly and endlessly from Scott Morrison’s mouth over all these years.

There were so many fine responses but our Tweet of the Week judges thought perhaps Natalie @MooCowTeaCup had just a slight monopoly over the others with her funny take (above and below) on how easily folk struggling with rent payments could turn into property barons!

Grace Tame @TamePunk travelled down a slightly different path…

… as did Bronwyn Clark @BronwynHill1 and josiegirl @josiegirl62

The disgraceful mess that is the nation’s aged-care sector dominated Anthony Albanese’s Budget reply speech and cmdibley @cmdibley proved that a serious, heartfelt comment always has a good chance of making this column….

… as did Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep.

SMH 1962 @Hellharbour and Patrick F Conlon @PatrickFConlon2 chimed in with….

Will Smith’s Oscars slap and suggestions late in the week that Scott Morrison mightn’t quite me the nice, decent, chap we all know he isn’t also garnered attention from emma @emma_jayne14, Jolyon Wagg and and marquelawyers @marquelawyers.

And to finish off, we couldn’t go past the tweet that shows bradpsychology @bradpsychology, like so many others, knows exactly where Phillip Coorey is coming from.