Noise mystery solved


CANBERRA: Australian Federal Police believe they have found the source of a loud thud and an aftershock that scared residents around the Australian capital on Tuesday night and sparked their calls to emergency services.

One resident in the inner-suburb of Reid told The Bug why he phoned Triple O: “The missus and I heard one almighty crash around 8.10pm followed by a softer thud moments later.

“We just hoped it wasn’t a car crash. The first thud was very loud and if it was a road accident, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in either vehicle.”

A single mum of three in nearby Turner said: “I’m really struggling to pay my house rent so I was on looking for homes to buy when the first loud bang just about rocked our windows.”

Residents in Campbell, Manuka and the nearby CBD also called emergency services.

An AFP spokesperson said the noises had been traced to Parliament House and they now believe they happened just after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg finished his Budget address.

“What we believe residents heard was your typical dead cat’s bounce that more often than not follows the Budget presentation.”