Providing much fuel for thought

With tonight’s Budget reveal expected to be an “Addressing The Cost of Living Pressures” document from a government hellbent on suppressing workers’ wages over the past nine years, The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges were chuffed with the wry observation above by embee ART @embee_art over the pain we’re all now feeling at the petrol pump.

Well done, @embee_art. Just don’t try to collect your non-cash prize.

But with the MSM this past week still pressing their “Labor killed Kimberley Kitching!” propaganda campaign to cut Anthony Albanese down to size, those judges also loved the tweet below from Emma @emma_jayne14 who came a very close second in this week’s competition.

And as all you Buggers know, any tweet that gets stuck into the mainstream mediocre as Emma has done above gets our judges’ attention, so let’s say well done too to Sandra N @attempt57 with her offering. As we always say here at The Bug, don’t you just love a level playing field in Australian politics.

That level-playing field always includes the government of the day spending hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money running cross-media advertisements about how wonderful they’ve been and how they’ll be even better if reelected.

bec miller @habeebiinta made her point rather forcibly.

Another big issue of the past week has been Australia’s outrage that one of our Pacific nations might want to cuddle up to China! Stay out of our patch, Xi Jingping, you sneaky, heathen, yellow Commie bastard, you!

Capt Nemo’s Left Sock. GSPs rock @RuncibleH and Solo Monk @JJKALE2 had their sprays on that national security issue!

Also in the news this week was the fall from grace by Hillsong founder Pastor Brian “Where’s my trousers, dear Lord?” Houston and you’re probably wondering why we didn’t lead with this issue, seeing Smoko’s claim that he hadn’t been to Hillsong for more than 15 years lit up Twitter brighter than Barnaby Joyce’s face after a half-dozen rumbo and cokes to settle those pre-Question time nerves.

Frankly, there were just too many of them so we’ll run just one, from Melanie who also blended in a dig at the MSM. We told you that always works a treat with us.

marquelawyers @marquelawyers referenced Houston’s woes while easily explained away another government decision this week when, after being ruthless, vicious cunts for almost a decade to grab a racist, rightwing vote, Smoko’s mob suddenly found compassion on the eve of an election where their polling numbers are in the shitter.

Smoko’s ongoing personal attacks on Anthony Albanese – including a gutless jibe – brought this excellent response from Mark Dickenson a new govt OK, a new syste… @bugwanno..

Meanwhile, Robert Stowasser @StowasserRobert showed what a fan he is of a certain Mad
As Hell

…and let’s end this week’s column with a tweet a number of good folk posted this week. It’s supposedly something Prue MacSween said three-and-a-half years ago. Who’d ever have thought Prue would ever say something sensible, hey?