Dave Sharma’s condition worsens

A second, sickening and unforgivable practical joke by Australian Labor Party “thugs” has seen the condition of Wentworth MP Dave Sharma worsen in a Bondi Junction private hospital overnight.

Mr Sharma was understood to be slowly recovering in his private suite in the Benjamin Netanyahu wing at the David Ben-Gurion Private Hospital for Distinguished and Moderate Jewry from severe shock caused by an earlier practical joke at his electorate office.

Mr Sharma was rushed to the hospital late Sunday afternoon after a man pretending to be on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s staff had phoned to say that the PM was available most days during the upcoming federal election campaign to help out in the marginal, harbourside seat once held by Malcolm Turnbull.

A staffer in Mr Sharma’s office told The Bug on the condition of anonymity: “When told of this, Mr Sharma turned white and collapsed into unconsciousness.

“We were all so worried for him and it took forever for the ambulance to arrive.”

The private hospital says the first-term MP had regained consciousness by Monday afternoon and was feeling quite chipper until the second practical joke laid him low again.

One of the MP’s office staff who has maintained a bedside vigil since Sunday explained what happened.

“Mr Sharma was feeling confident about being able to walk unaided to the Golda Meir-themed cafeteria at the end of his floor and had slipped on his teal-coloured dressing gown that we had collected from his home and sent to his hospital bedside.

“It wasn’t until Mr Sharma was in the crowded cafeteria that someone pointed out that the Liberal Party logo had been fastened to the back of his gown and some camera phone pictures had been taken of that.

“I mean really. Politics is a tough game as the Labor Party’s murder of Kimberley Kitching has shown us but what sort of sadistic thug would do that to anyone, let alone someone like Mr Sharma who is a vital moderate voice in the federal government and simply must be re-elected to stop the Morrison government drifting further to the right when it wins its deserved fresh term?

“Mr Sharma had shown he’s the sort of principled man who will stand up for the things he believes in very late in any parliamentary cycle.

“I can speak for the entire support team just how much more we admired Mr Sharma – if that was at all possible – when we saw how brave he was when he said he’d cross the floor on the religious discrimination laws because he wanted to protect transgender kids but only if others voted against their own government’s bill too. It took guts to force others to also do the right thing.

“And now all he wants to do is to get back out into the electorate to show he’s a man of the highest principles who remains faithful to his beliefs and his total commitment to the aims and aspirations of his side of politics that he loves unconditionally, no matter what the circumstances.

“And now this has happened. Politics is a cruel, cruel game.”

At the time of going to press, Mr Sharma was said to still be on political life support and his narrow two-party-preferred margin in Wentworth had not changed much, according to internal polling.

Above: Wentworth MP Dave Sharma is pictured just before the second sickening practical joke was so unfairly played on him, leaving him comatosed and mumbling incoherently.