Concerted bid to hurt Labor appears pollaxed

The Mainstream Media’s ferocious, frenetic, campaign of the past fortnight to convince voters that the Australian Labor Party bullied Kimberley Kitching to death has found no favour with the latest opinion polls.

Kitching died on March 10 and the latest Roy Morgan poll, taken from March 14 to 20, shows the ALP expanding its 2PP position to a whopping 58-42 lead over the LNP.

In Tuesday’s Essential Poll in The Guardian Australia, Labor has gone up two percentage points to 37 from a fortnight ago, while the Coalition has lifted one to also be on 37.

Essential on the strange two-party preferred “plus” measure they use has Labor down one to 48% with the Coalition steady on 44, with 7% of respondents undecided.

However way you look at it, that’s a helluva turnaround from the 2019 primary figures of 41.4% for the Coalition and 33.3% Labor.

The Guardian Essential poll story also told us that the Australian National University on Tuesday was about to release the latest data on voting intention from a longitudinal survey of 3,472 voters.

It has found that the Coalition’s primary vote has slumped to 32.2 per cent – a “dramatic drop” from 40.3 per cent in January 2021 and 35.4 per cent in January 2020.

Morrison’s mob have tried just about every trick in the book to turn things around of recent months – from war-drum beating to increasingly vicious personal attacks on Anthony Albanese – without the slightest lift in their fortunes.

The MSM’s efforts this past fortnight about how Labor bullied to death Kimberley Kitching appear to have met the same fate, those polls suggest.

The next two polls due – Newspoll* on Sunday night and the Herald mastheads’ Resolve Political Monitor poll early next week – will provide further evidence at to whether the MSM should finally give up on this issue and find some other anti-Labor propaganda line to help get their bestie Scott Morrison over the line in May.

Don’t you just love the level playing field Australian politics has always been played on?

* Newspoll recently reverted to fortnightly surveys with the federal election looming. There’s a slight possibility that The Australian might have decided to lose even less money this week than normal by not having their pollster out and about over recent days, and wait until Sunday week for a post-Budget analysis.