Howards all at sea

SYDNEY: An emotional former Prime Minister John Howard has reluctantly accepted a fully paid ocean cruise for himself and Mrs Howard.

Mr Howard told The Bug: “Aah … aah… aah… the Liberal Party’s national secretariat phoned me at the weekend to express concern about how tired I looked while campaigning in Adelaide last week for the South Australian state election.

“I must admit …. aah aah aah… I thought I felt rather chipper and on message on the hustings but maybe they’ve got a point. I’m not getting any younger.

“I told them … aah … aah…aah… that I normally determine the timing of my holidays and the manner in which…. aah… aah… aah.. they’re taken.. but the trip does sound lovely.”

The Howards will join the Allure of the Seas on April 21 for a 29-day all-expenses-paid tour valued at close to $24,000 of the north and south islands of New Zealand.

At top: file photo of Allure of the Seas and John Howard campaigning in South Australia last week.