Drowning man waving

The big news of the week, of course, was how those three mean girls in the Labor Party bullied Kimberley Kitching to death. Well, according to the mainstream mediocre, that is.

And how it beggars belief that Senators Penny Wong, Kristina Keneally and Katy Gallagher haven’t resigned yet over killing the poor woman. Well, that was the implicit message from the mainstream mediocre, that is.

And more of that soon. The Twitterverse certainly went to work on that one.

But let’s get back to a more serious matter at hand, what with the federal election looming. And that, of course, is to continue to lampoon at every opportunity the boofhead we currently have as Prime Minister.

And for that reason, our Tweet of the Week judges have given the blue ribband to The Sage @SarkySage. We hope The Sage doesn’t get too big a head over this because many others also posted the video of the boofhead waving his fingers at the Sharks NRL game on Saturday night.

But we did like his short, sharp comment: What our dickhead was doing last night.

For those who haven’t seen versions of the video, it suggests that Smoko was doing that fingerwaving thing to put off the kicker going for the two points. The only trouble is that Smoko was apparently on the sidelines – not behind the goals for maximum putting-off effect – and worse of all, the kicker was a Sharks player.

Yep, he was probably pissed.

Now, in all fairness, we know just how much rubbish is posted on the sewer that is Twitter. It’s not the mainstream media where you can have complete faith that images of Russian jets flying over Kiev or their missiles destroying a key target are ridgy-didge.

But if the sequence shown in the Smoko video is anywhere near accurate: well, what a fucking dickhead.

Anyway, back to poor Senator Kitching. There is absolutely no evidence that her fatal heart attack was caused by bullying in her parliamentary workplace but that didn’t deter the bulk of the MSM, including sadly the ABC, who saw the opportunity to damage Labor and Anthony Albanese.

Vince O’Grady @vogrady2132 had this clever take on the issue…

It’s Time @melaniedoak referenced Julia Gillard, with perhaps the hidden message behind the tweet that sadly Kimberly Kitching picked the wrong profession. What did a certain US President say about what needed to be done if you couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen?

Maddy @Maddy_Liz made some very good points, ones that the MSM with blood in their nostrils totally ignored.

The incomparable Coalition Tea Lady @ItsBouquet reflected on one of her pet issues….

…. as did Josh Bornstein @JoshBBornstein….

During the week, Smoko continued to strive manfully to get a handle on Anthony Albanese, finishing at week’s end by saying Albanese was no McGowan, Palaszczuk or indeed Peter Malinauskas. The Bug would argue that Morrison is not many things either.

Queen Victoria @Vic_Rollinson had this spray.

Let’s finish off with Barry Mulligan @BazzaCC reflecting on the marvels of marine life and Solo Monk @JJKALE2 on Smoko’s never-ending laughable photo-ops…