‘Tiser’s blind eye to grim reality

The Media Glass House pondered the other day what The Advertiser in Adelaide would splash with on state election morning yesterday to help get Steven Marshall’s government over the line.

We got it wrong! We thought they’d take a leaf out of The Courier-Mail on a past polling day when the outcome in Queensland was pretty much a forgone conclusion with something like:

Polls point to Labor victory but….


That sort of final appeal: for goodness sake, people, armageddon is coming so you all know what to do. Let’s make sure Labor doesn’t win by too much!

Instead, the editors at Adelaide’s monopoly daily turned a blind eye to their own polls and remained, blissfully, ever hopeful, of a Scott Morrison-style “miracle” result.

The ‘Tiser’s front-page was about as wishy-washy as you can get. Insiders …. that’s Liberal Party insiders … were still hopeful that the expected Labor landslide wouldn’t eventuate and the first-term Liberal government could hold on in minority.

WOW! What an election-day scoop!

The MGH suspects a very angry phone call has already come in from New York tearing strips off whoever was still the editor of the ‘Tiser as of Saturday morning.

That front-page treatment was going to scare nobody into doing the Right thing on the day.

And the Dirty Digger would be totally justified in being very, very, pissed off.


We also suspect that Rupert might have also blown a gasket over the failure of the Advertiser to run the Liberal Party line right up to the last minute.

We’re pretty sure he would not have enjoyed reading the paper’s editorial on polling day (left in picture) which was a wishy-washy tract lauding the values of western democracy and our freedom to change governments with ballots not bullets etc… etc…

Admittedly the ’Tiser had loyally run the Liberal line in its Friday editorial (right in picture) which basically said Premier Steven Marshall deserved another term based on all the fantastic things he did in the past four years.

It did give a nod to the superior campaign run by Labor and the obvious skills of the Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas whom it said “will almost certainly be the next Premier of SA, whether that is realised tomorrow or in four years”.

But then it swung back to the tired old attack on Labor’s costings of its commitments and the supposed lack of credibility in some of its policies.

Finally on Friday the Adelaide turdbloid ran the desperate argument about the supposedly “shallow talent pool” on Labor’s frontbench, with many would-be ministers with no ministerial experience.

Our MGH researchers have always loudly guffawed at this desperate argument which basically means no government should ever be tipped out of office because there are some on the other side who haven’t served in government before.

It’s a desperate argument when used against parties in opposition to long-serving governments, but absolutely laugh-inducing when used to defend a one-term administration.


Elsewhere in Rupert’s evil empire the national broadshit The Australian predictably pulled no punches in its Friday editorial (left in picture) which opened by declaring: “There is no sensible economic argument for the removal of the Marshall Liberal Government in South Australia.”

We won’t go into why the leader writer felt it necessary to include the word “Liberal” in the intro when all readers of The Oz, including the few dozen in SA, would know that any government backed by the paper would be a Liberal government.

Nevertheless, its Friday’s editorial went on in similar vein to mount an argument which basically told SA voters they were about to get it wrong with the subtext that they really were fools and should be ashamed of themselves.

Who knows what mood those at the broadshit are in today. Deeply depressed we suspect, and hope.

But at least on polling day The Oz gave itself some editorial comfort by returning to its deep well of venom to throw at the Victorian Labor administration of its favourite wrongdoer Dan Andrews. (right in picture)

If the future can be predicted by looking at past events then we reckon Dan would read it and think he’s a dead cert for another few terms if he wants them.