Murdoch swings behind Labor

In the wake of the South Australian state election News Corp Australia will shift its editorial support to Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party in the lead-up to the expected May federal election.

The change follows an online video hook-up in the early hours of this morning between News Corp chair Rupert Murdoch in his New York apartment with senior editorial staff of his Australian newspapers and online news outlets. (main picture)

“We all received text messages the moment the ABC’s Antony Green called the SA election for Labor last night,” one Murdoch editor told The Bug on condition of anonymity.

“Within an hour we were all online and listening to Rupert who was quite agitated that yet again voters had totally ignored his directives issued through News Corp outlets not to put Labor in office.

“At one stage he plaintively cried out: ‘Is nobody listening to me any more?’ Unfortunately at the moment he started to utter the words the sound dropped out from the New York end and it took a few moments for him to realise that, so he said it again.

“None of us had an answer for him about how we could avoid our party losing office at the coming federal election. But as usual, Rupert already had an answer for us.

“He directed every single one of us to independently reach the decision to throw each of our newspaper’s editorial support behind Albanese and Labor.

“Of course we all immediately agreed to do just that even though we hadn’t yet heard Rupert’s reasons.

“Luckily Rupert paused briefly before starting a roll call which allowed each of us time to confirm we had reached our own decision to back Albo and Labor.

“He then explained his thinking which was really quite bril. Most if not all of us burst into spontaneous and prolonged applause afterwards.

“He said obviously voters were doing exactly the opposite of what he and News Corp Australia’s outlets were telling them to do.

“He reasoned that if we tell them to vote for Albo, our side will get back in.

“Brilliant, isn’t it? And don’t think we didn’t take turns telling him,” the editor said.