Tell The Tiser to truck off!!

Can the Media Glass House be brutally honest?

We can? Thanks.

Not every item in every edition of this column is based on cold hard facts as you’d expect from an organisation welded to the principles of fair and balanced journalism. That’s The Bug we’re talking about, okay?

Sometimes we have to make educated guesses as we have in this column’s case. And that guess is that Adelaide’s monopoly daily, The Advertiser, has been shamelessly, woefully, pro the Liberal government of Premier Steven Marshall during the SA state election campaign that ends tomorrow.

Why can we make that guess with relative safety? Well, to start with, the paper has the slogan “We’re for you” under its masthead. Which means, of course, that The Tiser is actually for Rupert Murdoch and what he wants. Which means that it’s for the LNP at state and federal level all over this wide, once brown land of ours.

Now the MGH is never, ever, going to spend a red cent on accessing the contents of a print-media masthead owned by The Dirty Digger. We’d rather be tied to a chair and forced to listen the last 20 speeches by Dan Tehan or forced to attend a dry dinner party where the other guests are Prue MacSween, Peta Credlin, Janet Albrechtsen, Vikki Campion and Parnell Palme McGuinness.

But Lisa Millar on the ABC News Breakfast program this morning did show The Tiser‘s front page (at top) and some of the page spreads inside that did seem at a quick glance to be virulently anti-Labor.

Many of us on the mezzanine level research hub at the MGH tower at The Bug’s HQ turned to one another after seeing that front page and said almost in unison: “Well, fuck me roan! The Tiser’s found a black hole in Labor’s costings and the poor state is going to be riddled with debt for years to come if the people of SA are stupid enough to elect that UNION BOSS!!!! as Premier!” Words to that effect, anyway.

And yes, we’re making the assumption that The Tiser has been disgracefully unprofessional and totally one-sided in its campaign coverage and probably for many months before hand. Anyone like to prove us wrong?

We’ll go further. We’re predicting that The Tiser‘s front page for Saturday will run an unflattering pix of Labor leader Peter Malinauskas with maybe a jockeyline of ‘Polls point to Labor but..


Well, that’s what The Courier-Mail has done on Queensland polling day in the past when its editors have finally realised its relentless campaign to unseat Labor has failed yet again. Newscorpse rags are never quite as powerful and persuasive as they think they are, and that’s a good thing.

So here’s the MGH’s advice to South Australian Labor and Peter Malinauskas if they win tomorrow night – or when all votes are finally counted.