Political leaders BFFs no more?

PERTH: Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan is still considering making an official complaint to police after Prime Minister Scott Morrison tried to tongue-kiss him at a joint media conference here yesterday.

After the PM spent much of the media call lauding Mr McGowan’s stewardship of WA and how similar both men were as natural and charismatic leaders of their respective state and nation, the state leader was still shaken after the PM decided holding hands was not enough, leant in quickly and went for the deep tongue kiss.

The Bug believes McGowan should have known what was likely to happen, especially with what our Perth-based reporter heard Mr Morrison say earlier as both men walked towards the microphones.

Those words are overlaid (above) on an excellent image taken by the NCA NewsWire’s Sharon Smith at the exact moment the PM made his offer of further in-depth discussions later that night.


BRISBANE: The Bug’s finance and investment columnist Morrie Bezzle has been remanded on bail to appear in court in May on charges under consumer protection and real estate marketing laws.

During a brief committal hearing this morning Morrison Edison Ponzi Phar Lap Bezzle, age and address unknown, pleaded not guilty to charges relating to the marketing of several residential properties in Brisbane suburbs recently hit by severe flooding.

Queensland Police prosecutor, Senior Sergeant Lewis Terry, told the Brisbane Magistrates Court that Bezzle had signed up flood-hit property owners to contracts under which he would act as their agent and use photos to market their houses to potential interstate and overseas buyers as “riverfront properties” or having “sweeping river views” despite being several kilometres from the Brisbane River.

Bezzle indicated to the court that he would be conducting his own defence and would be arguing that because he was not a licensed real estate agent, the laws covering their conduct did not apply to him.


KIRRIBILLI HOUSE, Sydney: Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office has released images taken by his official photographer during the controversial “no-media” meetings he held last week with flood-hit residents in northern NSW communities.

A spokesperson for Mr Morrison said the images had been helpfully captioned (pictured) to dispel the myth that the PM was insensitive to the plight of flood victims.


WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has caused confusion in international circles by apparently abandoning his earlier statement that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is responsible for war crimes in Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters at the White House Mr Biden was asked if he stood by his allegation earlier in the week in which he said about Putin: “I think he is a war criminal.”

Mr Biden refused to repeat the remark and explained his position after persistent questioning.

“Look, it’s not for me to describe the Russian leader as a war criminal,” he said. “But if the President of the United States wants to say that, then it’s a matter for him.

“You should go and ask Mr Wilson himself. But I’m not going to make wild statements that risk our nation’s relationship with the Tsar.”